Girl Report | The Mission Inn Lights



Milanie D. 

Girl Reporter

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Mission Inn in Riverside. I was able to see these wonderful lights this past weekend and it was a beautiful sight. at the Mission Inn they have a hotel with many different statues, many small businesses around the area along with street vendors.

The Mission Inn is a historical landmark hotel in Riverside California. The mission opened in 1902 and this year marks their 25 year anniversary. Today’s Mission Inn continues the original splendor by founder Frank Miller, expanding from its humble 1876 origins to encapsulate an entire city block of fun!

When I first got to the mission Inn we got some yummy traditional Mexican hot cocoa and a churro. I have to say that is was very delicious, and it came from a small street vendor nearby the mission. There were many different street vendors that had a variety of food, for example, there was bacon dipped in chocolate and even hot wings! Even though I did not get to try them all, it was very nice to see many different varieties of food that will be sure to please any person coming to the Mission on an empty stomach.

After we indulged in our tasty treats we went to see the many corner shops and statues they had down each different block. We first saw a statue of Caesar Chavez and it signified his impact on the freedom of the farmers and other people. We passed by a small corner tent and it consisted of many tiny robots made of everyday items! It was amazing to see how people could make such beautiful art from the different items that many Americans take advantage of. Also, we saw another beautiful statue of Martin Luther King Jr and it was jaw-dropping. It had different events in his robe sculpted on his gown and there was so much meaning put into that sculpture.

The Mission Inn is a place that is a wonderful artifact to Riverside. It withholds many great activities and places for anyone to explore. So if your planning on going somewhere to have a great time with family and friends, I would highly suggest choosing this wonderful landmark.


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