Girl Report | Cars Land in Utah?


Milanie D. 

Girl Reporter

Let’s just say that you need a lot of oxygen in Zion because it will take your breath away. Zion national park stretches over 15 miles long and has been alive for over 8,000 years. It is located in southwest Utah near the city of Springdale and is home to over 200 residents. This landmark is an amazing stop if you’re ever ready for an adventure that will take your breath away.

Unknown-3When we first got to Zion we visited our hotel and we had the best view ever! I felt like I was inside cars land from Disneyland. The weather was perfect and there was a very peaceful silence. We didn’t want to stay in our hotel room all day so we decided to look at the stores in town. We ate at a delicious restaurant that I sadly did not remember the name of. There were only a few places because the town is very small, and I mean about 200 people small! But, we also got to see different gift shops and grocery stores that were confidently close to our hotel. The only grocery store in the town was very small but was very eco-friendly. They recycled bags and gave amazing service to all costumers. Maybe someday the eco-friendly stores in Utah will make their way down to California.

Unknown-4While at our stay, my parents and I went on a hike in the mountains. My brother got sick so my grandma stayed at the hotel with my brother. We decided that we wanted to hike the easy trail so we can enjoy all the amazing sights there is to see at Zion. The mountains and streams looked like they were pulled out of a picture and some of the streams that we came across even had snow! It was freezing when we decided to hike so we had to dress very warm so we did not freeze our buns off! But, it was an experience that was one to remember.

Unknown-1The last day and night we decided to just relax and play games in the lobby of the hotel. We played go fish, twenty-one, and many many more fun games. They served hot cocoa and coffee for free as a beverage and it was delicious! Our table was set by the fire and we got to be warm while spending quality time as a family. Of course, my dad was very competitive while playing and we had a really fun time.
Zion is one National Park that everyone should enjoy. Even though you could see a replica at cars-land in Disneyland, it is even better to see the real thing. Zion will give you an experience of a lifetime and if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend visiting Zion.



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