Girl Report | Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Samantha S. 

Girl Reporter

It’s that time of year again. People are hanging Christmas lights, and getting into the Christmas spirit. There is one big tradition in the small town of Hemet that is bringing everyone together Hemet’s Annual Christmas Parade. This parade has been held in Hemet, for over a hundred years.

The parade’s theme this year was Dr.Seuss. There were many floats, and participants, at the parade, who dressed up, or dressed their floats and cars up, to match the theme. Some people dressed up as Who’s, or the Grinch, from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Many other people dressed up as different characters from different Dr. Seuss stories.

Some of the participants were cheerleaders and school bands. Some of the cheer teams, were Dartmouth Middle school Cheer, Velocity Youth Cheer, CYSC, and many others. Some school bands, that performed are; Dartmouth Middle school, Hemet High school, Diamond Valley Middle school, and more. There were many horses and old-fashioned cars in the parade. Many of them, were decorated in honor of Christmas spirit.

The parade ended in celebration, at Gibel Park, where there were many places to shop. There were different vendors that consisted of Beauty products, blankets, Christmas decor, and also some little toys.

My personal favorite part of the Christmas parade was walking in it. I walked with Velocity Youth Cheer. It was so fun to see everybody cheering us on. I loved how we brought the Christmas spirit to life. We passed out candy canes, cheered, and danced. Although this was my fifth time participating in the parade, I have never watched the parade myself. Many of my friends and family are always there whether they just want to watch the parade, or are there to support me.

If you live in Hemet or anywhere near Hemet, I really do recommend this parade. It is a lot of fun. No matter how old you are, this is a great time to have some fun and get into the holiday spirit. This is a good opportunity to spend some time with your friends and family, no matter how old you are.

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