Girl Report | Adulting 101

Alyssa G. 
Girl Reporter
Tis the season to celebrate! I recently had the pleasure of attending a class for girls of all ages to celebrate, Adulting 101 of course! At this class Mrs. E and the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council provided many different work shops for all ages. Although some work shops were specifically for older or younger girls, there were many workshops open to Daisies through Seniors. Some of the work shops were yoga, clothes separation, and car safety. And you can’t forget the cookies samples booth!
Along with the many workshops there were many little shops made by different troops. Some selling Christmas decorations and ornaments with others selling towels or beauty supplies. After walking around and talking to the many different troops they said that they loved being here and are using the money they earn for future troop excursions and trips while some were donating to a charity of their choice.
One of the workshops I attended was a work shop titled “healthy relationships”. At first, I was skeptical on what this workshop could teach me that I already didn’t know. But I decided to give it a go and it really made me think about the relationships I have with my friends and people around me in general. Now being about relationship,s this work shop was only open to seniors. A volunteer from House of Ruth, an organization dedicated to helping people who have been abused or mistreated, explained to us just how healthy relationships might seem fine to you but in really you or your partner are showing signs of heading down a bad path. Some of the signs they explained to us that are most commonly over looked are controlling behavior, unreasonable jealousy, and possessiveness. A lot of theses time they are seen as the partner just wanting to spend more time with you or are just clingy when in reality the partner probably doesn’t know how to maintain a healthy relationship and is trying to “steal” you away from friends and family.
Some of the other important workshops for
older girls were car safety and how to fix broken down cars. These workshops are really important for the older and even younger girls because it is always good to know how to call for help or fix your stranded car long enough to get help. At the car safety workshop we were taught how to get out of the trunk of a strangers car if we were ever to get kidnapped. We were showed how to find the handle that opens the trunk, and some other techniques that we could use to call for help from the trunk of that car Incase we could not find the handle or if the car was not equipped with one. At the car fixing station we were taught were the oil, motor, and ignition was on the car. We were taught how to check the oil and make sure the motor was running ok. It was very interesting learning all this new information on cars and being able to relate to it seeing that I now can drive.
I had a blast at the Adulting:101 class and now know much more information than I thought I would ever need to know. Thanks to Girl Scouts I am now ready to adult!


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