Girl Report | Adulting 101 Pt.2

Samantha E. 

Girl Reporter

On December 9th, I was lucky enough to attend the Adulting 101 program and Holiday Bazaar held at the National Orange Show Events Center. This amazing event taught girls the importance and skills of growing up. It even provided the opportunity to buy new Girl Scout cookie signs for cookie booths!

Many of the booths offered lessons on things to know when growing up. One booth offered tips on how to balance your bank account. At this booth I was also able to learn how to write a check. Other booths that were available taught us how to create a resume and complete tasks such as boiling an egg. One of the instructors were teaching girls how to start conversations with people. One tip I learned was to always make eye contact and to be sure to pay attention to what the other person is saying and not just nod along the whole time. Many of the brownies and daisies were able to brush up on their camping skills while participating in activities such as starting a campfire, setting up tents, and sorting laundry.

Once we were done with going to all of the booths it was time to visit the troops who were working hard to sell the hand-crafted items they made, which was an awesome opportunity to raise funds for their troop. Some of the items that were being sold included festive Christmas slime, beautiful succulents, and many sparkly ornaments. Many of the girls took advantage of this shopping time to get some Christmas presents for the family. Once the girls were done with their shopping they were able to indulge in some sweet samples of this year’s girl scout cookie collection.

While the girls were able to enjoy their time shopping and learning, the parents were able to enjoy a super fun cookie pep rally. They learned about how the process of selling cookies works and the new ABC smart cookie program which replaced SNAP. Many of the booths that were set up were to help parents understand how cookie dough works and what it can help their daughters achieve. Lots of the cookie dough can go towards buying items for school such as graduation uniforms, letterman jackets, and prom dresses. Some of the booths were headed towards explaining the process of cookies selling for Juliettes. One of the booths that were very informative was about tips on how to sell to major businesses and more about the top cookie seller trips.

Being able to go attend this event was a wonderful, and exciting experience for me. I was able to learn a mixture of new skills, and it was a great way to make new friendships. It was an especially great time to get together with all of our fellow Girls Scouts and celebrate the Christmas spirit and cookies!

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