Girl Report | Radio Talk


Samantha S. 

Girl Reporter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the radio? Or to meet people who are on the radio? Recently, the Girl Scout Girl Reporter program, met up in Riverside at IHeartMedia, to tour their 99.1 KGGI radio station. There were many different stations and each one was equally important. Some of the stations included commercials, recording booth, DJ booth, and more. There was also a booth where someone is usually always in it, making sure everything runs smoothly.

For those of you who don’t know, 99.1 KGGI is a radio studio. They play all different kinds of music. They play the hottest, newest music. They have some really fun people there. The station’s first live broadcast was January 23, 1965. They cover the most of the Inland Empire.

At the station, there was an office, where people make phone calls to try and collect money and sponsor KGGI, so their shows can stay on the air. This was probably the most important booth. Without the people who work in this area, 991 would not be able to stay on the radio. It may be a fun job for someone who likes to talk on the phone a lot.

In one of the rooms, we got to meet Kid J. He is one of the people who talk live on the radio. He is not always live. He does record himself, edit it, and then broadcasts it. He introduces the songs, too. A few of the girl reporters got the chance to talk on the radio. They introduced the top five songs and gave a shout out to whoever they wanted to. It was a really cool experience for those who experienced it. I personally didn’t want to, because I was too shy.

I think my favorite part was recording with Kid J. Even though I did not talk on the radio, it was still a cool experience. After the clips are recorded, they then have to be edited. When they are finished editing, it sounds flawless on the radio. When he was editing the clips, he highlighted the section that either needed to be fixed or deleted and then either changed the volume or deleted it. We learned how to mistakes mic when we were talking on the radio, and the importance of it. We also learned that it is ok to make mistakes. I think this was a great learning experience for everyone, including me. Radio is very important. Without the radio, we wouldn’t know a lot of the great songs we do today. The songwriters, would not have as many people listening to their music, and they would not have such a large platform.


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