Girl Report | Veronica’s Home of Mercy: Baby Shower


Lily D. 

Girl Reporter

On November 4th I went to a baby shower put on by Girl Scout troop 640. The participants were asked to bring donations of diapers, diaper bags, baby wipes, clothes, and baby hygiene products. All of the items donated were given to Veronica’s Home of Mercy.

Veronica’s Home of Mercy is organization that provides a home for struggling moms and their children. No one gets refused admission because of their race, creed, or lack of funds. There are classes on drug and alcohol rehabilitation, mental health, and so much more. Veronica’s Home of Mercy has three re-entry homes where the mothers and children live while the women finish school. The importance of Veronica’s Home of Mercy providing a home for struggling mothers and giving them the renewed sense of self dignity is because its a better way out of being homeless or being forced to have an abortion and gives her some self-power to go into the world fearless of what others might say. This relates to the Girl Scout’s community mission because we try to make sure that we allow equal self empowerment and no self doubt. This also relates to the G.I.R.L agenda civic action because it gets a positive change in our community and that is exactly what Veronica’s Home of Mercy does on a day to day basis.

At the baby shower, we played some interesting games that included pin the poo on the diaper, baby scoop, guess the baby food flavor, how big is the belly, poo pong, and pins out of the rice. When I asked Natalie, a member of Troop 640,  how they decided what games to play, she said that they researched different game ideas and played them to see which they liked the best. My personal favorite would have to be guess the baby food flavor, because it was pretty good.

I had an amazing time playing all these games with my fellow girl scouts and knowing it was for such a good cause made it that much better. The girls of troop 640 haven’t decided on if they are going to have a similar baby shower in the future, but if you’re interested you can always donate to Veronica’s Home of Mercy. It’s located at 641 Roberds, San Bernardino, CA 92411, and you can donate Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM to 1:30 PM, or call them at (909) 889-2558 for more information. Giving to others is such a good thing to do so thank you troop 640 for putting on such an amazing baby shower for us to enjoy and donating all items to Veronica’s Home of Mercy.

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