Girl Report | S is for Super Scouts!


Elise M. 

Girl Reporter

Super Hero Scouts was a STEM-based event that all ages could participate in.  During the event, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) was tied into the superhero-themed activities. The girls made their own superhero accessories based on their own personal interests. This experience made STEM fun for the girls, hopefully motivating them to pursue a STEM based career.  The event coordinator took something appealing to the girls and tied in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The first two activities the girls participated in were engineering rich.  The first activity was a shield building activity. Taking inspiration from Wonder Woman, the girls worked on making grips that were easily accessible.  Some of them were prosperous in this task while others lagged behind, but with the help of the task managers and those around them they were able to succeed.

IMG_0127Subsequent to the previous task, the girls had to figure out how to get an action figure from one side of the room to the other, using only the materials provided. The tables collaborated together and engineered a tool that would do the job. They used things like pool noodles, plastic wrap, rubber bands, and straws to transport a small selection of female superheroes to the buckets. Some girls used the dip in the pool noodle, while others created miniature buckets, but in the end, they all finished with a smile on their faces and first-hand knowledge of the world of engineering.

IMG_0090After putting their all into their previous objectives, the girls moved onto something else.  The final activity was creating their superhero cuffs! They decorated a flexible piece of foam with their choice of stickers. The girls connected a light to a battery, allowing their cuffs to light their way to justice. After the activity ended, the day came to a close with a group picture.

STEM is a big part of the upcoming world, and we’re getting closer to it every day. The Earth needs more females in the STEM fields and these girls could be a part of it. By participating in this event, those who attended gained first-hand knowledge of the skillsets needed for the field of STEM.



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