Girl Report | Los Angeles County Fair


Milanie D.

 Girl Reporter

There is only one place you can find pickle hot dogs and donut chicken sandwiches. Yup, it the LA County Fair! I was privileged enough to go to the fair and spend quality time with my family this year, and it was great. The LA county fair has been open since 1922 and has been such a successful and popular fair ever since.


At the fair there are so many possible places for you to see. My first stop at the fair was the exhibit called “Adventure Kids”. At this exhibit they have many paintings and creations made by kids who entered the fair’s contests. They even include spoon decorating for the younger children who want to participate. One very unique booth they have in the exhibit is the “read to ride” booth. The “read to ride” is a way to get rewarded for learning in the summer. The requirements to achieve your reward is that you have to read up to six books in the summer, and when you do so you can get up to 6 ride tickets for the amount of books you read. The program is open to grades preschool to eighth grade.

The food at the LA fair is so different and amazing. They have many different booths that sell fish, Greek food, the original barbecued meat, and even pickle items! I got to try fish and chips plus a pickle corn dog. The fish and chips was very expensive, it was $20.00! But it was a great meal and it is definitely worth a try for those who love seafood. The pickle corndog had such a unique color and taste. They actually dyed the corndog bread green, and it tasted like a corndog with a hint of a bitter pickle taste. The food at the fair definitely gives a great accent to the fair and its history.


IMG_1402The rides were extremely scary and exiting. I went on one roller coaster called the big dipper and it was so high, you could see the whole fair from the top. My brother tagged along with me on the huge roller coaster and we were both screaming, but also having a lot of fun. We used our “read to ride” tickets and got on a few more rides. We also wanted to play some games. My brother played this game where you had to throw a ball into a cup and it was 10 tickets. He was able to get the winning prize on his first try! He got a giraffe plush that had the cutest eyes.



IMG_1423Lastly I went to a farm that was next to the ride area. It included animals and even growing plants. I got to see chickens, pigs, goats, and even a baby horse and a donkey! I really wanted to feed the goats but the line was too long, so I could not participate in the activity. But I did get to churn corn kernels, and I even got a fresh corn off the grill, and it was amazing! The plants they were growing were exceedingly healthy and the farmers that owned the land described that they were very dedicated to creating the best plants and vegetables. The farmers would provide the information on a tour that was specifically for the farm. The farmers would describe where they were brought by, where they originated, how they grow, and what their purpose was in the farm.

The LA county fair is a great place for family to spend time together and to try new things. The fair has been around for a long time and still brings something for everyone. It’s so popular because it gives a bigger variety of options for everyone in attendance to have an enjoyable experience.



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