Girl Report | Packing Party


Sophia E.

Girl Reporter

On Friday, March 30th, Girl Scouts from Central and Central West area joined together to label and package cookie boxes, as well as decorate cards for the military. At the event, girls, boys, mothers, and fathers banded together to make the event successful and provide the best letters and care packages they could for the military organizations.

kklkkThe first two stations focused around the arts and crafts of the event. At the first station, girls were able to construct a swatch out of safety pins and beads. At the next station you could find girls of all ages bustling around making cards for the military. After completing their cards, each girl had the opportunity to place them in a case of cookies, ensuring that their warm messages would be shipped to those overseas.

lJoining us at the third station were two officers from the National Guard. Participants of the packing party were able to take pictures with them or just chat with the two of them! One of the officers, Mr. Stopnik believes that this event “gives people the chance to see that military people are normal people.” It is clear that those in the military feel the same joy everybody else does when receiving a box of Girl Scout cookies.

At the next table, there was an informative lesson – teaching the girls how to properly fold a flag. We used miniature versions of the flag to represent the larger version. At the end of the l33700233816_da94907a50_zesson, we also learned a very interesting fact about the flag: we fold the flag
to only see the stars, because it symbolizes the importance of our 50 states. Next to the flag folding lesson, there were stacks of chalk that allowed girls to decorate the concrete floor with whatever they please. Messages ranged from troop
shout-outs, to colorful names, and
drawings ranged from flowers to hearts.

The final station was the most important one of all, there we labeled each box of cookies with a sticker and re-packaged them into boxes.  At each table was a different cookie and a different team of girls, each using teamwork to get the job done right.  

At the end of the day, everybody was exhausted, but overjoyed with the work they had completed.  All participants worked as a team to complete the project at hand – and those ranging from young to old were able to bond over a service project.

The iCare program has always ensured that those overseas or those in need get to enjoy Girl Scout cookies. For many years, our shipments of cookies to the overseas troops have brought tremendous joy to those who are living in a world of sadness and destruction. We have donated thousands of cookies to these troops.


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