Girl Report | Tips for cookie booths


Paulina R.

Girl Reporter


“Hello, would you like to buy any girl scout cookies?”, this is one of the most common conversation starters we say when we are at booths. But, most people don’t know that there are other ways to ask customers to buy Girl Scout cookies. Every customer has a different personality, so each person likes to hear different things, such as, “Have you gstroop481ever tried girl scout cookies” or “Girl Scout Cookies only on sell one time a year.” It’s also great to remember that some customers like a gentle ask to buy cookies.

One of the biggest tips to remember is to always smile and look happy even if you’re not having the best day. Customers are more likely  to buy cookies if you say “Hello” or “Goodmorning”. I personally have had booths even when I was having a bad day, but putting a smile on your face and having a nice conversation with the customers could end up making their day, (plus they most likely walk away with a box of cookies). After your customer buys a cookie box or two, or more, always say “Thank you” and “Have a nice day or night” or “enjoy your cookies.” p.s don’t forget to smile.

Always be prepared, as I always say. Many customers will ask you questions, so being prepared is very important. This goes towards the parents, teach your girls how to fill out the cookie sheets. The cookie sheets make your life much more easier, it gives you an estimate of how much cookies you sold. Reminder: recount your inventory after your booth.

As my troop leader always says “don’t forget your uniform.” Your girl scout uniform is a very important key to selling cookies. Your uniform must include your troop number, the American flag, the Girl Scout council identification set of patches, membership Stars, troop crest (if any), insignia pin, World trefoil pin, and any of your other patches belong on the back of your vest. It makes you look much more professional. The uniform is sort of an “I.D” that proves you are a actual girl scout. If your daughter’s vest is lost or dirty have them wear a pair of jeans and a girl scout shirt.

The following are basic tips:

  • Always have a pen and a spare pen
  • Remember the names of the cookies (many people ask for the Samoas which are the Caramel Delights)
  • Answer all the customers questions
  • Posters and cookie costumes goes a long way when selling cookie

Cookie season is almost over so let’s get selling ladies. All your hard work will pay off. Just remember it’s about having fun, have fun while talking to new people, have fun while selling cookies anywhere. I hope these tips help you including your parent with cookie booths. Have a nice day.


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