GIRL REPORT | Raise your cookie IQ



Jillian B. 

Girl Reporter


Ever wonder how those scrumptious cookies end up in the 9 different boxes in your living room? Well I wondered too, so I did a little research, and thought I’d let you all in on the process!

I can’t necessarily give you the nitty gritty details on the batter and what specific ingredients go into the cookies, but I can tell you how they go from the bakery to your local Girl Scout, to your lovely homes!

In the 1920’s and 30’s Girl Scouts baked their own sugar cookies! But now, before the cookies can make it to your troop leaders home, they are first baked by a specific baker either ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers. Due to the fact that there are two different bakeries making the cookies, every Girl Scout council in every city and state might have different names for their cookies. At Little Brownie Bakers the name for what we know as Caramel deLites are known as Samoas. Sometimes you’ll even find completely different cookies. For example, the Girl Scout Council in San Diego does not sell Lemonades, but they sell Savannah Smiles which are described as a “zesty lemon cookie, dusted in powdered sugar”. If you would like to know all the different names and types of cookies you can use this link

picture1oAll councils this year have introduced the new S’mores cookie. At the San Gorgonio council the S’mores cookie is baked by ABC Bakers which means that the cookie is coated in chocolate and marshmallow rather than a sandwich. This cookie is bringing back years of Girl Scout tradition as well as chocolatey goodness. The new cookies are also vegan which makes them even more amazing!


To find your local cookie booth go to



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