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Hailey Mims

Girl Reporter



Have you ever experimented with Mentos or perhaps tested and compared certain brands to see which lasts the longest?  If you have, you were creating the basis of a science fair project.  On January 26, 2017, River Heights Intermediate School held their second annual science expo show, casing explicit and intriguing experiments along with tri-fold boards explaining each project.  “A science fair challenges our students to think of something that they are passionate about or interested in that helps to cultivate their interest,” says Mrs.Zammit a seventh grade science teacher at River Heights.

Students studied topics such as lip stick longevity and the correlation between music and memory.  Referring back to what Mrs.Zammit said, all students who really do a good job on their projects have a passion for the topic, something about it intrigues them.

At the science fair, the Robotics class displays the different robots that they have built in their class.  Some robots had claws, others had shovels to scoop things of the ground.  Each robot was controlled by a program on a student’s phone.  This allowed the students to control the robots in a quick, easy (and awesome) fashion.

Every single table there had a different part of science displayed.  At a table featuring around five or six microscopes, one could look into the eye piece and find differing microscopic bits and pieces of nature.  Ever thought about how the game Flappy Bird was created?  Coding made that game possible!  The medical careers class had an exhibit on clogged arteries and on the different stages of the process.image2

I myself, did a project on the decomposition of a pepper.  I put three peppers in three bags of dirt then observed the results after five days.  One pepper was in foil, one in a Ziploc, and one on its own.  The pepper on its own ended up decomposing the most.

In the world of scientific research” women are definitely on the rise of getting closer to equality,” says Mrs.Zammit.  As girl scouts we could make this process go even faster.  We have all the power we need to make a change in the world for women and girls!

If we all put our heads together we could continue to be pioneers in the world of science even at our age!  So get outside, go discover something that could be the next new thing in science.  You could sign up for stem classes or simply grow crops outside.  So let’s all hit the road to the land of the future of science!  Let’s change the world and take action!


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