GIRL REPORT | Comic Con Meets Girl Scouts: Making Your Own Superwoman!


By Alyssa T.
Senior Girl Reporter

A very special THANK YOU to Jennifer Diemart for making this event happen for the girls!

Almost every Japanese culture or comic fan knows about Comic Con, the convention where hundreds of comic-readers, cosplayers (costume role-players), and anime fanatics come together in one place to converse, meet their idols, and buy amazing, exotic merchandise. Comic Cons happen just about anywhere somebody organizes them, from Manhattan, New York to San Diego, California! Palm Spring’s first annual Comic Con ran from the 26th of August to the 28th of 2016, and the Palm Springs Convention Center was packed with excitement.

Luckily for the Girl Scouts, a workshop was organized at the front of the hotel where Cadettes and Juniors got to meet comic panel designers and have fun at the Comic Con!

The workshop was coordinated by Jennifer Diemart as a way for girls to have an experience working with real, professional artists while learning to express themselves. Ms. Diemart’s whole family is into comics as much as any Comic Con attendee, and when she heard there was a convention going on she took the opportunity to organize a Girl Scout event.

“In Girl Scouts, you get a lot of painting, [miscellaneous creating activities]…but you don’t get many things with comic book art or inking,” said Ms. Diemart.

The 5 comic panel artists of Imagine Everything Studios (David Davis, Eddie Deangelini, Ambrose Quintanilla, Jamie Sullivan, and George Ford) came to the Girl Scouts’ workshop to teach the girls how to make comics. The girls dressed up in tiaras and masks, and thought up ideas for a short, sweet comic to learn how to develop panels and spark creativity in themselves. Some girls collaborated on making longer comics by putting their separate papers together, some made wonderful, well-detailed comics, and some made black-and-white comics.

It didn’t matter what kind of comic they made, because, as Eddie Deangelini put it, “It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how good you are…art gives [everyone] an outlet for their emotions and creativity.”

All the Girl Scouts had fun sharing their comics, ideas, and talking to the artists on the panel. The girls had wonderful visions for their end product, and everybody’s art was encouraged and appreciated. There was a group picture at the end, and based on what I’d heard from Girl Scouts, there was definitely a positive response about the workshop and all that they learned.


Afterwards, both chaperones and Girl Scouts were able to explore the Comic Con convention floor on the last day. It was quite a sight to see, with comic book signings, Japanese food and toys, amazing art posters, and even a surprise celebrity was there-Stan Lee, one of the biggest contributors to creating the DC Comics and Marvel characters!

“I made this to see and have artists, comic book artists, comic book writers, voice actors…animators to converge at this event,” said Christopher Spellman, the creator of the Palm Springs Comic Con.

All in all, Mr. Spellman did a great job organizing Comic Con Palm Springs. It was an amazing event for everyone, whether you’re a Girl Scout, comic lover or anything in-between!







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