GIRL REPORT | Applied Medical Visit

Erin N.
Girl Reporter

For the fourth day of Career Exploration Day Camp, we went to Applied Medical.

Their main focus is making a better healthcare environment, they make new and improved medical instruments, and they hope to make new products to improve healthcare.

One goal they have that they are working to achieve is to have less bruises on patients after surgery.   

The Applied Medical Team designed an instrument called the FiOS which deflates the skin in different kinds of surgeries and doesn’t harm the organs.

We were allowed to go on a tour around the building. The first room we were able to tour was the Label Room.  The label room is where the medical office does all their printing. The second place we toured was the Raw Material Warehouse, we learned that the green labels on the boxes in the warehouse meant that they are good.

They also gave us a couple of fun facts to remember, for example; they have to keep track of their medical devices, they have 196 interns at the company and they get paid, they try to make instruments that give you minimum bruises and lastly, their automation team makes robots that fios’es.

I learned a lot spending a day at the Applied Medical Center, it is for sure something I would like to do again.


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