20 reasons you, the Adult or Leader, should join us at SALT-5000!


Are you a new or seasoned Girl Scout leader looking to learn, network and be reinvigorated?

We recommend you join us for a three-day retreat at Camp Skyland Ranch. Sorry girls, adults-only!

Here are 20 reasons to join the fun!

If you’re new to Girl Scouting…

1. Advanced Leadership—Go beyond the training you received in Volunteer Essential or AKA Basic Leadership Training. Learn strategies and the best practices for running a troop. Learn about handling conflict, time management, and more.

2. Basic Outdoor Training—A required course for adults who want to cook or take girls on overnight trips. This class will assist you in preparing your girls in Girl Scout progression and camping the “Girl Scout way”.

3. First Aid/CPR—Earn an American Red Cross Certification for First Aid & CPR, (additional fee $50.00)

4. Journey 101, 201, & 301—This class explores age group characteristics and the journey program at the various age groups. Journey 101 explores both the Daisy and Brownie program, Journey 201 explores the Junior program, and 301 explores the Older Girl Journey program. The class discusses aspects of each level including planning and carrying out a journey, customizing the activities, badges and awards, and more.

Register by September 1, 2016! Easy Online Registration.

If you’re a pro, we have classes to advance your skills of leadership and program planning…

1. Active Games for Troops—Are your girls ever “out of control” or “over stimulated” at your meetings because of something has changed in their routine? A weather change or upcoming holiday? Try some of these active games at your meeting to bring them back to reality.

2. Edible Science—Want to turn your troop on to science? Explore several concept areas of science using not only hands on approach but explore teaching science concepts through “edible” techniques.

3. Drawing and Painting—What better way to record nature than producing a picture of your favorite spot! Learn some drawing and painting tips while experimenting with crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, chalk, or markers.

4. Digital Photography—Use your smart phone or a digital camera to preserve your scout activities. Store the pictures on your computer as you take them? Why not go a step further and turn photos into memories!!! Learn to make an album, a calendar, a video, power point, or movie. With the help of your computer make one of these projects. Learn how to edit the photos and add music.

5. Environmental Games Sampler—Want to teach your girls more about the environment they live in? Working on a Journey or badge and need some ideas? Come and experience some new activities emphasizing aspects of our environment: life cycles, water cycle, food chains, and camouflage. Experience activities from Project WILD, Project Learning Tree, Leave No Trace, and others.

6. Land Navigation—A hike, a compass, and a map: together they can save a life if you know how to use them. Come learn the basics of how to use a compass and map. Bring back to your troop activities that make learning compass fun.

7. Nature and Recycle Crafts for Troops—Want to get back to nature? Bring the outside inside. How about a craft using natural items: pine needles, acorns, nut, flowers, or bark? Or how about a craft for Mother’s day or Christmas using recycled materials and basic supplies. Take this class and go home with lots of ideas for the following year.

8. Novelty Cooking—Learn how to make ice cream in a bag, hot dog in a milk carton, and many more strange and unique ways to cook in the outdoors.

9. Outdoor Cooking—Having a cookout and want more than hot dogs or hamburgers? Did you know that anything that can be cooked in your home kitchen can be cooked in the outdoors? It is all in knowing how to use the right tools. A stove top vs a propane stove, an oven vs a box oven or Dutch oven and much, much more. Learn how to use an outdoor kitchen while experiencing many recipes. Don’t eat before this class!!

10. PVC-Kitchen Creations made from PVC Pipes-Need camp equipment to use at your future campouts? Learn how to make and build your very own wash and trash stand out of PVC pipe. Included with this class you will receive plans for other kitchen creations. (additional fee $30.00)

11. Robotics and Simple Coding—Begin the class by learning some simple coding strategies. Then build your own Robot out of Legos. Code your robot to do a couple of simple tasks.

12. Science Under the Pines—STEM and Journeys collide. Learn to navigate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities meet or customize Journey and/or badge requirements.

13. Songs—Singing songs as a beloved Girl Scout Tradition. Bring a recording device and learn camp songs (from active to quiet) to take back to your troop. Song book included.

14. SWAPS—SWAPS??? What are they? More mysterious Girl Scout lingo!!!! You see them at all Girl Scout events. They are cute but what are they? Come to this session and learn all there is to know SWAPS. Learn the history. See lots of examples. And finally get a chance to make several SWAP samples that you can use for future events.

15. T-Shirt Craft—Do you have a t-shirt that needs some bedazzling??? Then check out this class. Embellishing, blinging, painting, cutting, tying, or tie dying are all ways to give an old t-shirt a new look. Bring a t-shirt, pick a medium, and give that old shirt a new lease on life.

16. Technology at My Girl Scout Meeting—Have you shied away from those activities in the Journey Program or your Badges that you are working on because you lack the computer skills? Come learn and practice some simple computer skills to help you out. Remember your best tech support comes from your girls.

Spend the entire weekend with us! Get out of the house and enjoy quality time with like-minded adults.

Register by September 1, 2016! Easy Online Registration.

Tent Camping: $50
*Limited* Cabin with Bunk Bed: $60



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