GIRL REPORT | My Top Back to School Tips


By Jillian B.
Girl Reporter

Attention all Girl Scouts! It’s time to put down those cookie boxes and head back to the classroom.

Yes, back to school is here, and with that comes homework and long days for some of our older Girl Scout sisters. But have no fear you’ll definitely have time for Girl Scouts and maybe even a sport or two. Here are a few super awesome tips that will you have set for the school year.

Did I say organize yet? Of course, organization is key whether your a freshman in high school or a third grader in elementary school, organization is definitely your best bet! If your like me and love Girl Scouting (which I bet you do) but also love sports then one of the main things you want to do is plan things out. Like for example on Wednesdays you’re working on your bronze award and Tuesday’s you work on a school project that’s due and Monday’s and Friday’s are soccer practice days.  Now just because you have a lot going on doesn’t mean you can neglect homework, always set time aside EVERYDAY to either study or do homework. School comes first. I would recommend getting a planner or if your school gives you one then definitely take advantage of it. Trust me, you won’t remember homework in your head so write it down.

I know, you might be scared to start middle school or high school but I promise you can make it through. Don’t ever think down on yourself because you’re younger or you don’t have friends yet (whatever the case) always remember you are a smart, beautiful and amazing individual and no one can bring you down. Make sure to walk in with confidence, your a Girl Scout! Use all the people skills we get from selling cookies and make new friends.

Being Girl Scouts we have a special advantage over everyone else, not only do we have amazing skills working with people, money, etc; but we also know how to empower other girls and be leaders. We show people that we can and will amount to anything. Academics wise, come senior year and applying for colleges, being a Girl Scout definitely makes you stand out. As well as completing your Gold Award you get a sash to wear around your gown when graduate high school so everyone will know how great you are!

Now brush your teeth, comb your hair, look in the mirror and say “Yeah! I got this, this school year is going to be amazing!” Guess what, it definitely will be.

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