GIRL REPORT | Daisy Society Mixer

By Hailey M.
Girl Reporter

Girl Reporters: Isabel, Hailey and Kira attended the event.
Thomas C. Allen’s 1913 Craftsman Bungalow.

In the beautiful Riverside bungalow owned by Renee Hill, built originally as a blacksmith’s keep, amazing women from the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council discuss a huge part of our council’s future: The Daisy Society, newly founded by Elizabeth Sutherland.

“The Daisy Society is important to me because it funds opportunities for girls to have experiences they might not have otherwise,” said Renee Hill, Assistant Superintendent for Riverside Unified School District.

Daisy Society Members enjoy a delicious cajun lunch at the mixer!

Through the Daisy Society Program, Renee Hill was able to help middle and elementary school girls go to the Cal State San Bernardino GenCyber Camp for a week.  Forty girls from 5 schools were able to attend the camp with the Society’s help  and all of them were able to meet women with careers such as a judge, lawyer and an engineer!

Kira showing off her Girl Scout patches and badges to Judy.

Knea Hawley, Director of Fund Development and Alumnae Engagement, is so passionate about her job she was even able to persuade two more ladies to join on the spot at the Steering Meeting:  Judy Fuhrman, Staff Development Specialist for Riverside Unified School District, and Adela Flores Bertram a K6 Language Arts Specialist.

Ms. Ferman described her experiences as a Campfire Girl for ten years during her youth and says that she wants her community to have the same opportunities as she did through the Daisy Society.  Ms. Flores Bertram states that the reason she wanted to join the Daisy Society was because she notices that many girls want to try and experience something different in life, and she wants them to have the chance to be a leader in the Girl Scout community.

Daisy Society members at the mixer. Thank you for your support, ladies!

Becoming a Daisy Society member is working towards a beautiful cause.  Anybody can do it, whether or not your daughter is in Girl Scouts.

Visit to sign up!

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