2015 Cookie Dough Expires Today – 3 Ways To Use It Before You Lose It!

Red alert! You’re 2015 Dough is expiring on June 9, 2016 – that’s TODAY!!!

Okay, don’t panic. Instead, USE it, BANK it or GIFT it today.

Here’s a quick FAQ guide because sending an email and waiting for a response will not, unfortunately, keep your card alive beyond today’s expiration date.


2015 Cookie Dough FAQ’s

When does the card expire?
June 9, 2016.

Can I use the card after the expiration date?
NO! What if there was an emergency on the 9th? Still NO! Each card has the expiration date printed directly on it and all our girls have had plenty of time

What if I couldn’t make it to the shop during GSSGC’s regular weekday shop hours?
We were open on Saturday, June 4, 2016 to accommodate those who couldn’t make it during the week. You could have also shopped online through our GSSGC online shop any time of day or night and still can until midnight tonight.

What if I lost the card?
Any of our 4 retail shops can give you the card number as well as the balance.

What if I want to spend the card on an upcoming event or camp listed on gssgc.org?
Complete the registration with Online DoubleKnot Registration or Online Email Registration (instructions are on the website).

What if I want to bank the card?
The banking and check request forms are all online wufoos. You can get the link under forms and resources on our website.
• Bank for School Package – forms and resources page
• Bank for Travel Contact: – forms and resources page
• Bank for Camp Contact: – forms and resources page

And the general forms and resources page.

What if I banked the card and want to make sure the transaction went through?
Once you complete the online wufoo form, you will receive an emailed copy of your submission. That is your confirmation that we have received the submission.

Need some ideas?
Check out our June GSLE Newsletter!


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