Kim leads a very large, multi-grade troop and manages to encourage, motivate and recruit co-leaders to do a fantastic job with each level of girl. The troop has an astonishing 45 girls, and each and every one of them is given time, at- tention and love from Kim. In addition to programming developed and implemented for each grade level, Kim’s troop is known for its many service activities, flag ceremonies and outdoor adventures. She knows the value of the Cookie Program and what it can do for the girls, so she consistently works harder during the sale to pick up product, educate the parents on policies and conduct additional meetings to ensure the girls are all reaching their goals. Kim goes above and beyond in ensuring the girls are getting the best Girl Scout experience, along with the parents and co-leaders in the troop as well. As a girl said, “Ms. Kim is a fun leader because we get to do cool stuff like making our own sit-a-upons, cooking in the kitchen at camp, create our own bear at Build-a-Bear workshop and backyard camping. I am glad she is my leader because she is smart, kind and creative.”


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