Marci has been a leader for nine years and, in that time, she has impacted her troop by providing support and outstanding girl programming. The girls in her troop have always shaped their own experiences, do hands-on activities, work together to achieve goals and often earn the higher Girl Scout awards with her guidance. She has taught every girl she meets how they play an important part in making the world a better place. As an exceptional troop leader, Marci has supported the three keys of leadership: Discover, Connect and Take Action. She also serves on the Central Gold Award Committee, always pitches in and helps with Product Sales and is the Redlands Service Area Manager. Her influence on her area, region and girls is undeniable and far exceeds that which is expected of a leader. Marci’s willingness to help with anything and provide astounding support is so appreciated by all who know her. As one girl in her troop said, “[Marci] has this charming ability to always make you feel accepted. She was always considerate and caring, but knew when to push you to reach your goals. She not only helped me form friendships that last until this day, but also allowed me to break out of my shell and build my confidence. Since then, throughout all these years, she has always been in my corner, as a mentor, a role model and a friend.”


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