38th Annual Adult Recognitions and Annual Meeting

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adult-recognitions-posterWe celebrate some of our best and brightest volunteers and Leaders today, May 14, 2016 at the beautiful UCR ArtsBlock banquet hall in Downtown Riverside, Ca!
Over 150 guests gathered to cast their votes at the GSSGC Annual Meeting before honoring their fellow Scouts at the yearly Adult Recognitions ceremony.  Each award recipient was nominated by their peers for their hard work, dedication and love for girls and the Girl Scout Movement. 

In addition, the annual Silent Auction was a huge success! We raised $4,210 for camperships this year! Thank you to our basket donors and bidders for helping make dreams come true.

Now, let’s take a look at all of the award recipients. And please feel free to congratulate them with a comment below! If you know of an amazing Girl Scout Leader who didn’t get recognized this year, make sure you nominate your volunteer during next year’s open nomination period.


This award recognizes one adult per region with innovative, forward thinking which leads to providing an exceptional Girl Scout experience during the membership year.

TARA HERRERA– CENTRAL WEST Tara has been instrumental to the success of the Central West Region Facebook page. Her content suggestions and display techniques have enhanced the page’s usability and demonstrate what a Region Facebook page can do. Her delivery of information is based on the principle that if it happened to her, it could happen to anyone. Topics of her tips and hints range from troop programming to finance to cookies – cookie booths, cookie policy questions and calming cookie sale process concerns, to name a few. Through humor and compassion, Tara continues to provide information positively throughout her region, as she offers opportunities and ideas rather than antagonism and complaints.

MICHAEL SANFORD– LOW DESERT Michael was influential in the process of decentralizing the Gold Award Committee and the development of the regional Gold Award committees. He decided to approach the Gold Award process in the way a girl would do it and found that one of the hindrances to success was the requirement to go to Redlands for meetings and not having support directly in their backyard. As a result of this discovery, regionally based committees to support girls and their Gold Award project work was born. Michael helped to mold the committees and became the Chair of the Low Desert Region Gold Award Committee. He still currently serves on the committee and mentors girls on their projects.

ANITA DVORSKY – S O U T H W E S T Anita has been the Southwest Regional Chair for three years. She helps guide the region as a whole by serving all of the five Service Areas together, keeping the region cohesive. A volunteer for 26 years, Anita has been a troop leader many times for many girls. Among the many functions Anita has performed are Council Trainer, Service Area Manager, several positions in Product Sales, member of the Council Recognitions Committee, event planner, mentor to leaders and girls, and many more. Anita’s forward thinking regarding training and process for selecting delegates has given voice to her region. Southwest Region has prospered under Anita’s leadership because of her devotion to the girls, adult volunteers and the Girl Scout Movement.


A council recognition, this award recognizes a leader who has overcome adversity for the betterment of her girls and maintains a positive attitude toward Girl Scouting.

Despite personal hardship, Dorothy’s belief in the Girl Scout Mission has only blossomed each year. She remains a steadfast co-leader with two troops in the Barstow area and provides excellent program, a positive influence for girls and an uplifting spirit. Dorothy has taught her girls that nothing should hold them back or keep them down. The light of Scouting shines bright in all her girls, and they see her not only as a role model but also a friend. The values of the Girl Scout program are exemplified in Dorothy, as she teaches girls and adult volunteers that through determination a person can accomplish many things that might otherwise seem to be impossible. Congratulations, Dorothy.


This award recognizes one young adult (ages 18-29) per region who has made a special contribution to Girl Scouts and/or has served as an exemplary role model for girls. Recipients must be adult members.
Alysha graduated as a Girl Scout and since has become an active volunteer. Helping with her mother’s long- time, large troop, Alysha also started a Daisy troop. She provides a variety of programming in her troop, including Product Sales program, helps at Council-wide events like Mega Drop and is a Unit Leader at Wi-Wo-Ca Day Camp. Alysha is an incredible role model for girls. She teaches every girl she meets that Scouting always lives within you. She exemplifies the Girl Scout spirit and raises all people up to be the best they can be.
Abigail just recently became an Adult Member, but ever since she bridged she has given of herself to Girl Scouts. She volunteers at troop meetings, Mega Drops, events, field trips and more. She’s dedicated to the girls and therefore doesn’t only volunteer to do the fun activities, but all the duties that need doing. Because she is only recently an adult, Abigail can relate to the girls in the troop on a different level and her bond with them is different than other leaders. She has become a mentor, friend and sister to all these girls. Abigail has taken the next step in Girl Scouting and brought her girl experiences with her to mold her adult leader techniques. She is a valuable asset to her troop, region and Council.
After completing high school, Nikki was asked by several troops to come and help as a leader. After finishing her Basic Leadership Training, she felt the need to accept the invitation from a troop that would really benefit from her outdoor skills and successful Product Sales experience. After Nikki joined the troop, the leader had to step down. Saddened, but not wanting the troop to suffer, Nikki became the 01. She works diligently with her girls, does active programming and helps her girls succeed in Product Sales. In addition, she is an asset to the Southwest Region, planning and executing events, assisting with cookie cupboard and lifeguarding for troops when needed. Nikki is an inspiration to many younger girls and her devotion to them is evident in her time, sharing of skills and love of Girl Scouts. 


A council recognition, this award recognizes an adult Girl Scout who consistently goes above and beyond in supporting GSSGC initiatives and maintains a positive attitude toward Council and Scouting. Recipients must be registered adults for at least three years.
Dixi is an asset to the RIM Service Area. Currently volunteering as the Product Sales assistant and Cookie Cupboard Manager, Dixi is serving the troops and girls of the area with profound compassion and efficiency. She stepped up when the service area was in great need and since then has enabled the success of the Product Sale in that area. She also works hard to ensure there is available programming in the area for all the girls. With her local management, the mountainous terrain that Dixi serves demonstrates strength in Product Sales, troop leader support and overall program. Her efforts have helped the RIM service area contribute to the overall success of the Central Region.
Tina exemplifies the spirit of Whatever it Takes. Her eagerness to assist in all that she can is manifested by the volunteer hours she puts in for her girls at regional events, Council events and Product Sales programs. Tina gives her all in everything she does for Girl Scouts. She willingly pitches in to do any job that’s needed to be done, even stuffing packages, applying labels and organizing swag bags at the Council offices. This past year, Tina was the brain and force of the ICare Mega Drop, where volunteers sorted and labeled donated cookies and distributed them to 45 organizations in a matter of hours. This initiative created a beautiful program and a more effective delivery method for product, and will be adapted to all five regions in the coming year.
Betty has been an asset to the Central West Region as a leader, Region Chair, Service Area Manager, Council Trainer and Product Sales team member. Although her daughter has become an adult member, Betty still co-leads a STEM troop. Consistently giving her all to the region and Council, Betty has volunteered for countless events, is a Council Delegate and helps girls with cookie booths when their parents or leaders cannot be present. And why does Betty do all these wonderful things? Because she values our girls and believes in all they do. She has inspired other volunteers to give more of their time and helped to lead our girls to success.
Melissa’s dedication to her troop is astounding. She gives her all to the girls and other leaders, in addition to everything she does for her own family. Melissa’s energy and passion are evident in the girls, and to witness them all together it is plain to see the admiration. She doesn’t just run troop meetings; she provides excellent programming, transportation, support during the cookie sale, camping experiences and helps the girls organize their own community service projects. Melissa can also be found at many events, volunteering or bringing her girls. She wants her girls to have the best possible experience and really does whatever it takes to achieve it.
Rose has been a troop level volunteer for years, but within the last couple of years she has become more active in Regional and Council volunteer roles. She has hosted several regional girl recognition events, joined advisory teams and managed booth sales and booth lottery functions for Low Desert, and entered all the information and updated SNAP. Rose has stepped up and given her all, and her region has prospered because of her leadership. Now her girls have more locations and opportunities to sell in the Low Desert than ever! This past year, Rose joined the Council Recognitions Committee and is already bringing so much to the plate. She is always putting forth her best and her Region and Council are grateful.
When Council reinstated the Service Areas, Erika was the first to step up and volunteer to become the Service Area Manager for Murrieta. Since then, she has devoted her time to the leaders, volunteers and the girls of Murrieta and has gone above and beyond in working closely with the neighboring service units. Erika also volunteers at cookie cupboard, Mega Drop and paper push in addition to many regional and Council events. These jobs are all in addition to her work with a troop of active Cadettes – taking them on trips, bridging in San Francisco, helping with their goals, camping and program. Erika is a force of energy and commitment. She believes in Sisterhood and helps to strengthen the relations among service units in the Southwest Region.

Alissa currently serves on the Southwest Product Sales Team as Co-Manager and next year will be fulfilling the role of Region Manager. She can and will do anything necessary to help any leader, co-leader, troop or team member. She consistently works hard, doing what needs to be done. She conscientiously responds to emails and phone calls, works all Product Sales trainings, cupboards, and Mega Drops and can be found volunteering at most regional events. Countless times, Alissa has given up her free time, personal time and sometimes family time so that she can help other leaders in the region overcome their struggles. Volunteers who endorsed Alissa for this award want her to know that her kind actions and help are deeply appreciated and not forgotten. AMI CLARK– SOUTHWEST People who know Ami will tell you the word “No” doesn’t exist in her vocabulary. She is always willing to volunteer to do anything that is needed. No matter the activity, whether it is an event, program or product sales enterprise, Ami is there. Her special gift is the willingness and ability to step in at the last minute to ensure success. Ami always puts the girls first. She ensures they are being offered fun, educational programs and quality events. She always wants to help the leaders and has volunteered at ATTA and ABC, cleaning, sweeping and doing countless odd chores around camp. Ami provides invaluable service to her region.


This award recognizes individuals for their fund development efforts. The person will have helped to reach the Council’s goals by increasing financial and/or in-kind donations through acquisition of grants from corporations and foundations, or endowments and major gifts That benefit The Girls of San Gorgonio Council or the person may have had a material positive impact on individual gifts and other types of support through outreach in communities throughout the Council’s jurisdiction.

Elizabeth’s dedication to moving girls and women forward toward the goal of equal opportunity in the workplace and elsewhere is the passion that drives her interest in San Gorgonio Council. When Elizabeth chose to support our Council financially, she did so wholeheartedly by joining the ranks of major donors with her first gift. Since then her personal contributions place her in the top rank of individual donors. Fortunately for our Council, Elizabeth has backed her gifts of treasure with personal involvement, through active participation in the Girl Scout Alumni Association. Her initiative and leadership has led to defining aggressive fund development objectives for alumni. As a professional consultant in nonprofit board development and small business management, Elizabeth provides invaluable insight as an advisor for the Alumni Steering Committee. She volunteers in many ways to move fund development toward its goals, from editing documents to initiating and facilitating strategic planning sessions. Most recently, she sponsored the recognition for the Daisy Society members. Elizabeth’s contributions of time, talent and treasure have been instrumental in achieving our Council’s fund development objectives.


This award recognizes adults who have contributed a minimum of five years to Girl Scouts (not necessarily as a registered adult) or have made significant contributions as deemed appropriate by the ceo and board chair and make Girl Scouting a high priority. They enrich opportunities for girls by tackling whatever needs to be done without seeking the limelight and by unselfishly sharing their time and skills.
Laurel, in addition to being a Brownie troop leader, is the Service Area and Regional Advisory Recruiter. In these roles, she has recruited over 200 girls. Laurel has a large, 27-girl troop of Brownies, because she accepts girls if she really can’t find another troop for them. She has placed many girls in forever-troops with her diligent efforts. Her recruitment events have been a huge benefit to our Council as she works with local libraries to hold the events, develops the program and runs the experience. In addition to recruitment, Laurel leads her troop magnificently, incorporates program into every activity and spearheads the community service project: Adopt a Street. The Service Area now maintains and keeps clean a stretch of Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside, CA.
For years Carolyn has been a powerful leader for the Low Desert regional teams. She has successfully helped bring in the new Product Sales team after being the Regional Product Sales Manager for several years. She continues to share her love of Girl Scouting by serving on the Low Desert Gold Award Committee and staying active in travel, helping to coordinate troop trips. Her enthusiasm for Girl Scouts has helped encourage new volunteers for the region and her mentoring has help shape the region into the great state it is in today. Carolyn has been a pillar of leadership in the Girl Scout community for many years, and she has brought so much to our girls and their families. She is a stellar example of Sisterhood and her girls, area, region and Council thank her.
Adele has been a Girl Scout leader for sixteen years. In that time, she has modeled and shaped scores of girls into beautiful and courageous young women. Her dedication to girls is admired by parents, volunteers and Council staff. As the Southwest Events Coordinator for over five years, Adele has provided training, guidance and encouragement for event directors. She works directly with each volunteer putting on an event, from concept through post-event wrap up. Adele is always there if it’s for the benefit of the girls. She has also staged countless events of her own, both regional and Council-wide. Through her love of Girl Scouts, she gives her all. Southwest Region is proud to have Adele as a driving force for girls. She inspires others to reach new heights and lifts up each and every girl she meets.


This award recognizes a single volunteer for specific service of outstanding quality, which is unique in nature and performed on a Council level.

Laurie has a passion for horses and for the last five years has shared that passion with our Council. She has planned and implemented an annual Horse Day Camp where girls learn how to ride, care for, feed and clean up after horses. This camp has been wildly popular and each year has been successful. There are three filled sessions where Laurie trains leaders and program aides to help deliver a well-rounded program for Daisies through Ambassadors. Laurie has enabled this program by initiating a partnership with a local ranch and helping them become approved by Council for this day camp. Obtaining approval required months of site upgrades, changes to fencing, animal accessibility and working with the ranch owners. Through every challenge Laurie persevered, and now the camp is one of the most popular and sought-after programs in Council. What is truly spectacular about camp is that it is designed specifically for Girl Scouts, by a Girl Scout leader, in partnership with a local community member in support of Girl Scouts and has National Program Outcomes. Laurie’s heart is in this camp, which is evident by the hundreds of happy girls who have had the chance to participate. Congratulations, Laurie, and thank you for your service.


This award recognizes a single volunteer for specific outstanding service that benefits the entire council over the course of three consecutive years.



This award is presented to a regional advisory team for meeting the standards of excellence and growth as outlined in the application. The purpose of this award is to recognize the efforts of a region in moving its assigned area or audience toward the Council’s goals and objectives during the membership year. These goals must be met by September 30th to be recognized the following calendar year at adult recognitions.



This award honors those whose service has had a significant impact on furthering the Council’s goals in at least one region and have earned either outstanding leader or outstanding volunteer.

Kristin has served the Central Region in several capacities. Last year, she helped the region as the Booth Manager and in the recent months has given her time to assist at various swag bag pickups, paper pushes, reward distributions and volunteered at Colorful Dash and Girls on the Go. Whenever extra hands are needed, Kristin is there, ready and willing to help. Her region is deeply grateful for her contributions and wants her to know how much they appreciate her volunteer efforts. Kristen has helped the Central Region prosper in the last year with her friendly and bright attitude.
Rochelle is an active troop leader, the Pass Blue Skies Area Chair, serves on the Central Region Gold Committee and has been a member of the Council Program and Events Task Force. Rochelle serves her region with a positive attitude, to ensure our girls are getting the best program and experience. In addition to all the hats she wears, Rochelle mentors new leaders in Central, helping leaders to understand policies and ensure meetings are consistent within our Council. Her contributions to the Central Region have been instrumental to its success this past year.
When Danielle joined the Central Product Sales Team as the Booth Coordinator for the 2016 sale, she hit the ground running, and has gone above and beyond in each phase of the job. She is exceptionally dedicated to every aspect of the position, from securing signatures for booths and preparing and running a huge booth lottery, to entering all the booths and troop’s selections into SNAP. Danielle then monitored and resolved troop issues on a daily basis during the sale. Her influence on the 2016 Cookie Sale in the Central Region was exceedingly positive and needed. Danielle provided immeasurable help during and after the Cookie Sale. All the volunteers in her region and Council staff are thankful for her contributions.
As the River Rock Area Chair, Samantha has been trying diligently to build up the area with program, leader support and providing the Girl Scout experience to all girls. She organizes monthly leader meetings, keeps Area Chairs informed and reaches out to troops to ensure they are doing well. Samantha has helped energize the area with fresh ideas and a renewed enthusiasm that is just what the Central Region needed. She has done all this while leading her own troop for the last three years. Council staff describe Samantha as a loyal volunteer who is dedicated to spreading the Girl Scout Mission and supporting leaders in her area and region.
Jamie continues to serve her area and region as the Area Recruitment Chair. With her commitment to Girl Scouts and her belief in the program, she brings new ideas to the position with enthusiasm and, because of that, the High Desert has recruited more girls and leaders. Thus, Jamie is providing an amazing service to Council. Jamie also leads a busy troop of Ambassadors, and volunteers for countless events like Mega Drop. She has taken an active role in the Cookie Sale, attended all required trainings and has put on parent trainings for her troop. Jamie is a fantastic leader and region team player. She simply does whatever is needed so that our girls find success.
After enrolling her daughter as a Daisy, Tammy quickly realized she could be a troop leader, too. But she didn’t stop there. Tammy continued to expand her Girl Scout involvement by taking on additional projects. Tammy planned the area’s first ever Build-A-Bear event, with no prior event planning experience whatsoever. This event was wildly popular and so Tammy continued to plan events, and even joined the region’s Cookie Team as the MegaMind. Tammy’s influence in the Low Desert Region has been instrumental to its overall success. Her girls, area, region and Council are deeply thankful for all her hard work.
Jessica joined the Low Desert Product Sales Team as the Booth Sale Coordinator and took the job with a positive attitude, and met each challenge head-on and effectively. She organized and produced a fabulous booth lottery and made sure all the information was uploaded into SNAP, immediately and without flaw. Jessica, in addition, helps at the Low Desert Cookie Cupboard and MegaDrop, and mentors troops during the sale. Her willingness to help all who need assistance, coupled with her unfailingly upbeat attitude, make for a positive Girl Scout experience for all involved with Jessica.
Thalia has been an active volunteer in our Council for several years. After her granddaughter graduated from the program as a girl member, Thalia then started volunteering on a regional level. In the last few years, she has been part of the Low Desert Regional team as the Region Chair. She keeps her team chairs on task, creates a cohesive environment, attends every single meeting and promotes leader knowledge and training. Additionally, Thalia also leads a Low Desert Gold Award Troop. In this troop, she assists girls in brainstorming Gold Award project ideas and lends support to their initiatives. From all this work and more, Thalia has become an invaluable asset to the Low Desert Region. She has been instrumental in growing number of Gold Award recipients this year, and her dignified leadership of the Low Desert Region has everyone pulling together for the benefit of the girls.
Heather began as a troop leader for her granddaughters and since then has taken on roles in the Low Desert Advisory Team as an Area Treasurer. Her expertise and positive attitude have been a welcome addition to the team, as she takes a problem and turns it into a challenge – always finding the bright side of things. Jumping in as treasurer at the end of last year, Heather’s help in reviewing troop bank accounts was crucial to the region’s year-end paperwork and an incredible help to her other team members. Heather continues to help out with other troops in the Low Desert, assist leaders during cookie sales and helps at Cookie Cupboard. Always giving her all, she has been an immense help in the Low Desert Region.
Stephanie is currently the Events Coordinator in the Low Desert. She plans events for all girls to enjoy, both regionally and Council-wide. Themes range from Sisterhood to STEM. The Raingutter Regatta has become one of her most popular events. She has been a key contributor to the girl Product Sale recognition events, World Thinking Day events and regional adult recognition events. She began as an interested parent, then started her own troop and finally started volunteering at the regional level Stephanie has become an influential and key volunteer in the Low Desert. Her dedication and know-how is admired by many, and her work helps give the girls excellence in program.
Tracy’s commitment to Girl Scouts is astonishing. She leads her own troop, plus she is a Council Trainer, a Service Area Manager, a mentor to other leaders and holds events and campouts. She is shining example of when you put forth your best for the girls, the best results happen. Tracy understands the value in Girl Scout program, which is why she volunteers so much time to mentoring other leaders in areas like traditions, meetings and the cookie sale. Her events, including World Thinking Day and the Snowflake Serenade, are wildly popular and expected to grow in the years to come. Tracy knows the bounds of Girl Scouting do not lie solely in her immediately troop – instead she sees the troop as basis for all the ways she can help the Southwest Region and Council.
A key member of the Southwest Product Sales Team, Janelle is the Top Seller Event Coordinator. She gives freely of her time to create events to honor and recognize the Southwest Top Sellers and always considers what the girls would want, as well as making it fun for everyone in attendance. Janelle knows the value of developing relationships with vendors and has done so with community partners in order to ensure the region receives the best pricing. Janelle’s events always come in under budget, but never lack beauty or program. Her impact in recognizing the girls of the Southwest Region has been noted by her peers and Council staff. They are so grateful for her skill and devotion to Girl Scouts.
Aside from being an amazing troop leader with an exceptional passion for Girl Scouting, Christy has worked on the Council’s Program Task Force for the past two years. Her work with this team has enabled many girls to have fun and educational experiences. Christy put together several events for the region, including the Southwest Girls & Power Tools event, and helped with the 50s Holiday Sock Hop. Christy extends her knowledge and heart for Scouting beyond her duties as a troop leader to her region and Council.
Daisy is an exquisite leader who demonstrates what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout she meets–both girl and adult–in everything she does. She has worked with recognitions as a Service Area Team Member and last year became a member of the Council Recognitions Committee. Daisy’s love for this program is evident in all the girls she mentors and guides, from younger girls to teenagers. Many of “her girls” obtain higher awards, perform countless hours of community service and plan on staying involved with Girl Scouts after graduation. She creates substantial yet fun program for three grade levels and always supports recruitment events in her region. Daisy has been a key component of the Southwest Region for a long time and will no doubt continue to do wonderful things for our daughters.
Christine works diligently to ensure program is delivered in her troop for two separate grade-levels. Additionally, she mentors the girls as they plan their troop-sponsored Brownie Bash and Camp YoYo. She helps the girls plan the budget, advertising, programming and the execution on the day of their events. Brownie Bash and Camp YoYo are very well attended by girls throughout the Southwest, as well as council-wide. Christine’s mentoring helped girls obtain their Silver Award and many have shown interest in pursuing their Gold. Her primary goal is to provide experience-rich program in ways tailored to the way girls want to learn. Christine matches her goals to the girls’ goals, and her focus is to help them achieve those goals.


This pin recognizes outstanding service delivered in two or more regions within the council’s jurisdiction in a way that furthers council’s goals recipients must have already earned the Appreciation Pin.


Kat has operated the Eastvale Cookie Cupboard for years in her own home. Running a cupboard requires many hours and immense organizational skills. Kat has excelled because of her belief in the value of the Cookie Program and desire to help the best way she can. Kat has made a significant contribution to Council by making product readily available for pick up, no matter what region the volunteer is from. If leaders arrive at the cupboard confused about how to complete a transaction Kat is there with a huge smile to ensure they understand exactly what is needed, how the pickup goes into SNAP and how to account for each girl. She also puts coordinators’ minds at ease, helping them transfer cookies to other troops toward the end of the sale. The overall cookie sale is successful because Kat runs one of the largest and most popular cupboards not operated by Council staff.
Madalynne is the key to much of the success of the Southwest Region. She manages the Southwest Cookie Cupboard, open to all of Council, is a member of the Southwest Advisory Team, operates Fall Product Cupboard out of her home, guides girls to earning their Silver Award and so much more. Madalynne also writes, edits and distributes the Southwest Region’s newsletters with a circulation of over 600 leaders and co-leaders every single month. Her passion for Girl Scouts is shown daily through the leaders she helps, the girls she mentors and the region and Council she serves. Thanks to Madalynne and her compassion for others, many people are introduced to new opportunities to participate in Girl Scouts.
Currently a leader, co-administrator for the Couch to 5k Program and the Southwest Cookie Booth Coordinator, Jennifer is an integral part of the mechanism that creates opportunities for girls Council-wide. When Troop 2421 was asked to create a program to fulfill the requirements of a Council grant from the California Wellness Foundation, Jennifer’s girls, with her guidance, provided a fun program with incentives, education and handouts. Jennifer managed communications over 100 participants from various regions, fostered partnerships with businesses and ensured the program remained focused on the grant’s original intent. Jennifer is a tireless volunteer who is dependable and affable. Her flexibility ensures the success of her Girl Scout endeavors, because she is not afraid to make changes if the current process is not working.


This award recognizes volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the GSLE through the use of the national program portfolio or in support of the council’s mission delivery to girl and adult members.



The Thanks Badge is the highest adult recognition in Girl Scouting and benefits the entire council for five consecutive years recipients must have already earned the Honor Pin.

Phyllis has been a volunteer with our Council for sixteen years and in that time has served as the Central West Product Sales Regional Manager, Gold Award Committee member, Council Recognitions Committee member and chair, Top Seller event coordinator, Front-end Burgess Cupboard Manager and more. Her service has been vital to the success of our Council in numerous ways and it’s all been for the benefit of our girls. She has contributed innovative ideas to the Cookie Sale, helped write policies, and exercised judgement with poise and understanding. Phyllis took on the role of a Juliette Coordinator, even after her daughter graduated from the program, so an independent Girl Scout could participate in the Cookie Program. Her mentoring, volunteer time and willingness to undertake numerous volunteer roles has proven her passion and love for Girl Scouts. She is an exceptionally dependable person with a drive that is contagious. Phyllis has inspired countless leaders, girls and staff.


The Thanks Badge II is awarded to a candidate who has already earned the Thanks Badge.



A GSSGC recognition, this award recognizes one leader from each region per year who displays a positive attitude, supports Girl Scouting through well-rounded programming, is current in all training requirements and has given outstanding service to girls over the period of 5 consecutive years.



This award is the highest council adult recognition presented to one leader who has given outstanding service to girls over the period of 5 consecutive years. nominees are the previous year’s regional leader of the year recipients.
While Joni is a brilliant volunteer to work with on a regional level, it’s her talents and skills as a troop leader that are even more remarkable. Joni has mentored, encouraged and worked one-on-one with troop members to go the extra mile in ensuring program delivery, journeys, Product Sales, outings and fun are girl-centered. She works tirelessly to create opportunities for growth in her girls and gives her all in service to them, the community and Council. Each and every girl, no matter the grade-level, receives programming designed to encourage them to define and reach goals. Joni climbs new heights as a leader by supporting her girls in whatever they want to learn and accomplish as Girl Scouts in innovative, fun-filled ways. Her dedication to the Girl Scout Mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character is apparent in everything she does for her girls, the parents, co-leaders, regional teams and Council Staff. As one of her girls said, “Ms. Joni is the best troop leader a girl could ever ask for. She always teaches us to believe in ourselves, always includes others, leave a place better than the way you found it and that there are so many different ways to help people. I’m so blessed that Ms. Joni has been my troop leader for the past five years and has brought me so close to this group of girls that I now get to call my sisters. I love how she makes our Girl Scout troop feel like a family. I love you!” Congratulations, Joni!


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