In celebration of GenCyber 2016 at CalState University San Bernardino, we’re republishing last year’s articles from GenCyber. Enjoy! 



By Berania B


19124636411_c96035f4e3_zThough the GenCyber camp focused on Cyber security, it also had team building and personal development games with Cyber security objectives. These activities ranged from simple games to an actual ropes course located within CSUSB’s campus, but before we had the opportunity to go through the ropes course we did a couple of team building activities.

One activity involved using 12 inch half cut tubes to get a ping ball from one side to the other and into a bucket. It sounds easier said than done. Here’s the tricky part. All the girls had to stand behind a line and one girl with a 12 inch tube will put her ball on her tube. Once it’s placed the girls would quickly try to connect their tubes one after another. The other tricky part was trying to manage not touching the ball that was rolling from a half cut tube. After succeeding there was another task in-front of us. This task involved an enormous like seesaw. The point of this game was to balance the seesaw using all the girls within the group. It took us around 3 times to get it right. Once we finished those exercises we headed towards to the biggest obstacle of them all, the ropes course.


A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which consists of high and low elements. The course had the options of either doing it yourself or with a group. In the group course the girls had to work as a team, reminding us that occupations in Cyber Security often involve a team effort. As for the individual course also known at CSUSB as the “Dynamic course” the girls tested their own limits. Not only were these activities challenging, but they were also very fun and enjoyable.   


This article was originally published in Food For Thought Magazine, Fall 2015


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