GIRL REPORT | The CyberPatriots of Troop 2117

By Kassidy B
Girl Reporter
On March 22, 2016, a cyber security workshop was hosted at San Bernardino Valley College for the young Girl Scouts of Troop 2117. This program is called CyberPatriot.
Unknown-4CyberPatriot is a program created by the Air Force Association (AFA) to educate young kids about Internet safety. At the heart of the AFA’s CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. The competition challenges teams of high school and middle school students with managing the network of a small company. However,  CyberPatriot also works with younger children through its Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative (ESCEI).  


Using fun, interactive modules, K-6 students gain internet safety and cyber security awareness.  In other words, kids learn what they should and shouldn’t share on the Internet.


UnknownThe Daisies and Brownies from Girl Scout Troop 2117 were extremely smart for their age. They knew about internet browsers and quickly learned about information they should and should not be giving out on the internet. Because the girls were so intelligent, they had time to play a game about internet safety. They all did very well! The Girl Scouts also played a game about coding. Most of the girls chose Frozen, but a few chose Minecraft or Star Wars.


After the girls finished with the learning modules, they earned awards for completing the training. Congratulations Troop 2117 for your hard work and knowledge about Cyber Security!


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