Congratulations To Our Fall Top Sellers!

In case you missed the 2015 Fall Top Seller Awards at the Colorful Dash, we’ve decided to reprint the awardees here.  Congratulations to all these amazing Girl Scouts!

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Council 1st Parker W. Southwest 1128
Council 2nd Elizabeth H. Southwest 917
Council 3rd Samantha R. Central West 1063
Dasiy 1st Allyson Q. Central 608
Dasiy 2nd Grace E. High Desert 399
Dasiy 3rd Sofie M. Southwest 1423
Brownie 1st Kaia C. Southwest 538
Brownie 2nd Ryanne L. Central West 464
Brownie 3rd Emma Jo H. Central West 318
Junior 1st Tegan O. Southwest 2341
Junior 2nd Ryelie R. Central West 177
Junior 3rd Kathryn H. High Desert 249
Cadette 1st Gail U. Southwest 917
Cadette 2nd Aniayah M. Central 523
Cadette 3rd Sydney D. Southwest 1221
Senior 1st Esther Ruth C. High Desert 1334
Senior 2nd Carson S. Central 970
Senior 3rd Ashley P. Central West 707
Ambassador 1st Alexa R. Low Desert 655
Ambassador 2nd Michaelind R. Southwest 1050
Ambassador 3rd Katherine C. Hgh Desert 796


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