GIRL REPORT | Holiday Slumber Party

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By LeeAnn G. Girl Reporter

On Friday, December 4, 2015 I was fortunate enough to spend the night at the Burrage Mansion in Redlands for GSSGC’s Holiday Slumber Party.  The girls had a merry time making ornaments and keepsakes, doing good deeds and singing carols.

IMG_0034I arrived to find the Girl Scouts and leaders eagerly and excitedly setting up for their night at the historic mansion. The first activity was a Christmas ornament craft that the girls would gift to the seniors at the local senior center.
IMG_0028Next the girls made jingle bells so that when they went to sing and give joy to the seniors they could also add a little jingle to their carols. The girls enjoyed dinner, hot chocolate, and desert. Then it was time to stay up late for the movie before heading to bed.
The next morning breakfast was served and then it was on to the senior center. Once they arrived the girls lined up outside for a group picture, then went inside to sing and give joy to the seniors. There were plenty of hugs and thanks given to the girls from the grateful residents. Each resident was given a handmade Christmas gift from the girls.
IMG_0052Afterwards, the girls returned to the mansion to make keepsakes for themselves and enjoy a snack. By noon most of the girls had gone home, but a few bright faces of the last remaining girls exchanged numbers and said their goodbyes.


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