GIRL SPEAK | Adventures at Advanced Space Camp

“The whole week was full of events that changed my perspective on life and myself. We sent a man to the moon, and we are about to send one to Mars; who knows what adventures lay ahead of us.” 

By Avery L., Girl Scout

693While participating in the Advanced Space Camp Girl Scout Destination I was faced with unforeseen challenges and inspiring adventures. Being able to learn about Space history, train on astronaut simulators, perform mock missions, connect with my team and crew trainer, and experience Area 51 was and will remain one of my most memorable summer events. One camp activity in particular helped change my perspective on testing personal boundaries and fears; the fifty foot high, gravity powered zip line.

von Tiesenhausen 2 Monday 137Area 51 is a place to find both your inner leader and team player. They challenge you to challenge yourself. There you are asked to set new personal goals and to meet and possibly exceed those expectations. Ever since I was a toddler I have been frightened by heights and roller coaster drops. The zip line acted as an excellent personalized challenge to face two of my fears. To reach the platform one has to climb up a fifty foot wooden wall. Once at the top, the crew trainers clip you on to a single yellow cord that will carry you across the zip line. You must push yourself off the platform when ready. The zip line has a thirty foot drop down to instigate momentum to power the zip liner to complete the ride. My heart still races when I remember staring down at the ground so far away and at the rope attached to my harness that acted as my only tether to keep me from falling. A factor that affected my decision was that I wanted to go on the zip-line to prove to myself, not my team, that I could do this. I knew they would support me in my decision either way or their cheering and acts of friendship was and is extremely important to me. I spent twenty minutes contemplating whether to jump or to return back to the safety of the ground and my team. I knew I would forever regret missing out on this incredible opportunity so I pushed myself from the platform into open air.


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von Tiesenhausen 2 Monday 099I wish I could say that I enjoyed zip lining, but I cannot. I suppose that feeling of weightlessness will never appeal to me. I had predicted this outcome, but the feelings of self-respect for having faced my fears and team bonding made the zip line one of my most memorable activities and lessons at Space Camp. My time up at the top of the platform really helped me to reevaluate myself. I feel more prepared to face similar situations, perhaps not jumping off of an elevated platform, but I know I will have my fair share of opportunities that seem challenging, frightening, and that will force me to step outside of my comfort zone. Being able to overcome these life obstacles was a valuable lesson that going to Space Camp helped to teach me.

The whole week was full of events that changed my perspective on life and myself. We sent a man to the moon, and we are about to send one to Mars; who knows what adventures lay ahead of us. I am prepared and excited to experience new opportunities and challenge myself to be the woman I know I can be. Thank you for helping me make that jump.

AA Von T Copy


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