GIRL REPORT | Grab Your Paint Brush at the RAM


By Caleigh R.
Girl Reporter 

Activities and a sleepover were held on the RAM open roof!

On August 6-7, 2015 the Girl Scouts went to the Riverside Art Museum to learn about art and spend the night on the roof. When the girls arrived, the art room was ready with white butcher paper and paint sticks laid out on the table so theses little artists could immediately begin drawing their own art. The girls were very talented – I’m guessing that’s why they chose to participate in a program at the art museum!

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Girl Scouts enjoyed a beautiful sunset and night sky to inspire their artistic sensibilities.

While the girls were drawing there was a live art installation where people made their bodies into art. After the girls had finished drawing, they were allowed to explore the museum inside and out. This event was for all ages, and even girls as young as  Brownies understood the art and found it to be very amusing.

One of the many art installations at RAM.

At 9:00 pm everyone met back together on the museums roof for more art activities. There were also traditional camp songs  to sign while the girls laid out their sleeping bags. One of the best activities was a scavenger hunt throughout the museum with a prize for the first team back; the winners received a pack of colored pencils and a drawing pad. Their next activity was to create Chinese necklaces and every girl received a metal circle which had a hole in the middle, they picked out paper and cut out along the circle and tied string through it.

A memorable night at the museum includes a rooftop sleepover!

Finally, the girls settled down for the (quite appropriate) movie, “Night at the Museum.” The next morning the girls awoke to the fresh morning air,  granola bars and juice. This was a cool event and I hope there are more opportunities for young artists to come!


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