GIRL SPEAK | My Experience At Horse Camp

By Analyse H., Girl Scout Junior

Unknown-2Hi my name is Analyse and I’m going to tell you what camp I went to and why. The camp I went to is Cow Girl Up. This camp is learning how to ride a horse and care for horses. The reason why I went is; I have never ridden a horse before on my own and really wanted to learn. Also, I have never been away from my family for a long a period of time. Scary thought, but I wanted to try.

Here are some fun things I did at camp:

I learned how to get on the horse. It was my first time being a solo rider. I got to groom the horses and learn about the body parts. I learned how to trot on the horse. My favorite part was when I told the horse I’m the boss of you and she listened – well not really but it was really cool.

Unknown-3In the end it was so much fun and I was sad to go home. Here are some reasons why I would go back. The counselors were very nice. I made a lot of new friends. All the camp songs were very funny. And A.T peak was very pretty. I would love to back to camp next year and I am really looking forward to it.


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