GIRL REPORT | Talk To The Animals A Big Success

By Cassidy H., Girl Reporter 

On Saturday, August 1 GSSGC Girl Scout Troop 341 held their second Talk to the Animals event as part of their Bronze and Silver Award projects. The event saw 67 girls attend the eight education stations, each teaching Girl Scouts something new about animal care.

Dani N., a four-year Girl Scout, has worked this event both years at the first two stations, a bird habitat and a chicken care. Dani said,  “I enjoy working this event and my favorite part is being able to work with the chickens.”

Dani helped teach girls how a mom and baby chicken interact, and how to treat these animals properly.  Attendees even got to hold a couple of the animals and take pictures with them.  A second station was about goats, the different types, and what they normally will eat.  There was plenty of feeding and picture taking with them, too.

Photos courtesy of Cassidy H.

Eve G. is a two-year Girl Scout and first time attendee, and Gianna B., a two-year Girl Scout,  both agreed that interacting with the goats was their favorite part of the event. 

A third station educating attendees about dangerous foods. Breanna S. is a five year Girl Scout and a volunteer who has worked both years; this year Breanna worked the dangerous foods station. “I enjoy working the event and my favorite part is educating the girls,” said Breanna.  Girl Scouts learned what and what not to feed their dogs, and recieved a coloring book educating them further.

The fourth station was about dangerous plants, where girls learned which plants dogs and cats should not be near and also how balloons and fireworks can be stressful for dogs.

The fifth station was piggy banks, where the girls were able to make a bank using a water bottle, construction paper, cotton balls, and glue.

DSCN1583The sixth station was an edible station, where girls made a habitat they were able to eat using graham crackers, frosting, Peeps, and Easter grass.

The seventh station was where girls made a habitat with Spanish moss and a fake bird and learned to leave birds in a nest alone.

Lastly, the eighth station, girls learned how to properly approach a strange dog and got to practice with an actual dog. They also learned that there is a way to tell whether to approach a dog that doesn’t seem obvious to not approach.

DSCN1607Olivia P., a four-year Girl Scout, was a first-year attendee. She enjoyed the event all of the stations. Olivia said, “I learned a lot and would like learning more about approaching dogs.”

Overall, Talk to the Animals was very educational for girls, teaching them more about pets and pet ownership. Many of the attendees enjoyed the event and are hoping to go again in the future. As this event was a part of Troop 341’s  Bronze and Silver Award projects, the troop worked hard to make it as informational,  and fun, as possible.

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