GIRL REPORT| Girls Hit Their Target

by Isabel P., Girl Reporter

Photos by Caleigh R.

Girls on target is a gun safety workshop held at the Beaumont Indoor Shooting Range and was taught by NRA Certified Instructor Tracy Philippi with the help of his two assistants Mr. Michael and Mr. Glen.

Girls On Target is one of many council fun patch programs for older girls. The class taught us about malfunctions, how to properly operate the gun safely around others and how to properly shoot a gun while on the firing range.

Photos by Caleigh R.

Some safety features that were taught about shooting on the range was to always check your surroundings before shooting. Also to keep our finger off the trigger. Towards the end of the class they split up the girls in groups of three. Before we were actually able to shoot, Tracy, Michael and Glen gave us a safety run through on how to properly hold the guns and what not to do before shooting. We all shot the same guns. I was first, along with my leader Ruth Coe and fellow Girl Scout Esther Coe.

The gun I shot was a Theodore Roosevelt Single six revolver. It held six bullets and was a single-action revolver. We each had 50 rounds and a massive target. I got close to the bulls eye.

Anna Gonzalez from troop 218, shot a gun for the first time and got near the bulls eye as well. After, all of us received a Basic pistol certification. This program is a great benefit for older girls to learn gun safety and how to properly use a gun.


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