Outdoor Living Skills: Level 5 – The Master

outdoor living skills patches

Finally! It’s time to see what makes the difference between a novice and an Outdoor Living Skills Master. This level is often reached by Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts. These girls will not only have completed the skills below, but also mastered all the other skills required of The Beginner, The Intermediate and The Advanced Outdoor Living Skills scout! 


  1. Teach a group how to dress for a hike, how to pack a day pack, and nutritional snacks to take on a hike. 
  2. Build a knot board with a minimum of 15 knots for display and use in teaching. Label each knot. 
  3. Build a lashing display showing examples of 4 types of lashing.
  4. Learn how to teach cooking by all of the following methods; Dutch oven, bean hole, orange shell on coal, coffee can cooking, solar cooking and box oven.
  5. Assemble a first aid kit for at least 15 people going on a two-night campout.
  6. Build a trail sign board with a minimum of 15 trail signs. Label each sign.
  7. Set up a nature course incorporating trail signs and compass to move people through the course.
  8. Know the appropriate Safety Wise/Safety Checkpoints guidelines relating to supervision and camping activities.
  9. Take a first aid class. Try to take a CPR class if available.
  10. Take a Leave No Trace Workshop or Facilitator course.
  11. Conduct a Leave No Trace Workshop or participate in a council event using your newly acquired skills. 

The Journeys this program relates to are:

  • It’s your world-Change it! 
  • It’s your planet-Save it! 

Help your girls become Outdoor Living Skills masters by having fun and completing their levels at Camp Wi-Wo-Ca each summer! Camp Wi-Wo-Ca offers two Sessions this summer; Session A begins June 22-June 26; Session B begins July 20-July 24. The camp runs daily from 9am-3pm. 

Remember Camp Wi-Wo-Ca is great for first-time and seasoned campers alike!

It is located in Yucaipa California in the beautiful Wild Wood Canyon area about 15 minutes from the freeway. The Lodge has a fireplace, electricity, solar hot water, bathroom with shower, small bedroom room and kitchen, with refrigerator and gas stove.

Separate restroom building with four toilets and four showers is shared with outside campers. Outside has picnic tables, fire rings, water spigots, flagpole, plus numerous campsites and nature trails.

The traditional Wi-Wo-Ca Outdoor Skills Day Camp has been held here every summer for over 60 years! 



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