Outdoor Living Skills: Level 4 – The Apprentice

outdoor living skills patches

As a Cadette Girl Scout you’ve gotten very far in your Outdoor Living Skills training by now. You’re next big adventure before attaining Level 5: The Master will be to complete all requirements for this next one — 


  1. List personal equipment and group equipment needed for a two-night campout. Plan and carry out a 5-10 mile hike. 
  2. Using 3 blankets and a ground cloth, make a bedroll and tie it securely.
  3. Demonstrate how to tie and put to use eight different knots including square, clove, bowline, and tautline. 
  4. Make something using 3 types of lashing (square, sheer, triangular, continuous, cross).
  1. Learn how to hold, carry and pass a hand axe safely. Learn how to sharpen a hand axe.
  2. Learn the first aid procedures for fainting, severe sunburn and hypothermia. Discuss ways to prevent these conditions.
  3. Learn how to build a mound fire and when it is appropriate to have a fire.
  4. Use at least 3 of the following cooking methods: reflector oven, Dutch oven, bean hole, planking, paper bag cooking, orange shell on coals, coffee can cooking, solar cooking, or box oven.
  5. Learn the difference between a step and a pace. Determine the length of your pace (distance you cover while walking).
  6. Learn how to set up and follow a compass course. Demonstrate how to orient a compass to a map. Draw a sketch map using landmarks.
  7. Demonstrate how to rig a simple shelter.
  8. Plan and participate in an outdoor service project.
  9. Plan and participate in a “Scouts Own” program.


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