Outdoor Living Skills: Level 3 – The Advanced

outdoor living skills patches

 Did you know that our Outdoor Living Skills program at Camp Wi-Wo-Ca has been proudly held every summer for over 60 years? Yep, it’s a tradition generations of women have shared with their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  

Next we’ll check out Level 3,  recommended for Junior Girl Scouts.


  1. Learn how to pack a day pack for a hike. List what equipment each person needs on a day hike and what items are needed by the whole group. What are the 10 essentials? Take a 2-5 mile hike.
  2. Review the square knot and clove hitch; learn the bowline and tautline or sheetbend knots. Explain and demonstrate the uses for all of the above knots. 
  3. Learn how to whip a rope on the ends.
  4. Learn square lashing and make something using square lashing.
  5. Working a safe distance from others, carve or whittle something; i.e., plaster or soap sculpture, fuzz stick, point stick for cooking etc.
  6. Practice tying a triangle bandage for an arm sling and for a scalp/forehead injury.
  7. Learn first aid to stop bleeding.
  8. Learn the laws regulating open fires in your area and what permits are needed.
  9. Learn how to build a mound fire.
  10. Demonstrate how to cook a 1 pot meal and a foil wrapped meal.
  11. Learn how to read and use a compass. Learn how to site and take a reading on a landmark, follow a direction, and know what is meant by boxing a compass.
  12. Learn how to put up two different types of tents and demonstrate how to set up an organized camp area. 
  13. Participate in a predator-prey activity to understand the survival of animals in the wilderness and why they do or don’t survive. 
  14. Plan or participate in a candle lantern program with your group.
#10 on our list: “Learn how to cook a one pot meal” outdoors using our dutch oven collection!



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