Outdoor Living Skills: Level 2 – The Intermediate

outdoor living skills patches

So what’s next for that little Brownie? It’s on to Level 2 of her Outdoor Living Skills training!


  1. Learn the rules for hiking safely on city streets or country roads. Learn precautions to take to keep from getting lost on a hike. Learn what to do if you become lost or separated from your group.
  2. Learn what “dressing in layers means”. Explain why this method of dressing is best for any outdoor activity. (please see http://www.lnt.org and learn about the Plan Ahead and Prepare principle. This principle is located under Programs > Principles)
  3. Review the overhand and square knot and their uses. Learn the clove hitch and demonstrate its use. 
  4. Learn how to hank a rope for storage and carrying.
  5. Using a clove hitch, make a Gods Eye (Ojo Dio) with yarn or string.
  6. Demonstrate how to clean and sharpen a knife and learn why it is safer to use a sharp knife.
  7. Learn first aid for burns and blisters and discuss ways to prevent these accidents.
  8. Learn how to choose a campsite. (Remember, a good campsite is found not made.)
  9. Learn how to build a tepee fire, light it and put it out. Learn what is meant by a graduated woodpile.
  10. Cook something using stick cookery.
  11. Set up a trail using a minimum of 7 trail signs. Learn trail etiquette when following trail signs.
  12. Learn how to roll and tie a sleeping bag.
  13. Examine habitats of various animals. Find out ways to protect the natural environment and do an outdoor activity that improves the environment.
  14. Participate in an outdoor flag ceremony.

Not bad little Brownie, not bad. Soon enough you’ll be a Junior Girl Scout and ready to tackle LEVEL 3: THE ADVANCED. 

Check back soon for more details about the next level. You can also register for Camp Wi-Wo-Ca right now!  Don’t forget this year’s theme is Fairy Tales and Session A starts June 22nd! 



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