One thought on “Girls take charge of the distribution of some 837,264 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!

  1. These young ladies and their other counterparts who participated in Phase II of the Girl Led Mega Drop Program did an amazing job, under really tough circumstances. They kept their spirits high and their teams focused. Their progression through the program is an amazing journey, and we are already seeing positive responses and a boost in self confidence from the participants! We were also fortunate to have a couple of experienced girls scouts who were not part of the training program provide fantastic support for the day at the front end of the loading process to help make sure the cookie loading structure for the vehicles were in place to help guide the remaining of the flavors. We are hopeful that the progression of the program allows the participants in the program to fill these voids going forward. We are extremely grateful to those who came out to help the program and for everybody’s patience, including the Mega Minds, Council Staff, all of the other volunteers, the Troop Leaders/Cookie Coordinators, etc. Lots of work, everybody was tired, but I have heard from several of the girls in the program, and they can’t wait until next year!


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