In every box of Girl Scout Cookies, girls like Kira explore their world!

GSSGC Girl Scout Kira in Switzerland with fellow Girl Scouts!


Although I have had a lot of fun traveling with my sisters in my troop, so far, the trip to Europe this past summer was my favorite.  It made me feel really good to know that through Girl Scout Cookies and Fall Product I was able to raise 25% of the funds needed toHO pay for this trip.

There was a little Girl Scout history since we went to the Pax Lodge in London and Our Chalet in Switzerland.  I definitely enjoyed experiencing other cultures and their food!  I can’t decide which country was my favorite, because all of them had their own special “thing” that made them unique.  There isn’t one particular excursion or museum that stood out – they were all amazing.  

I traveled with four other Girl Scouts from my area that I had never met before.  Once we arrived in Europe, we met up with a huge group of Girl Scouts from two other US states.  I cultivated many new friendships. I definitely will be making trips back to Europe.  I can’t wait to spend more time in the countries I visited and also to try some new ones.

— Kira Chrisco, Troop 799

Every box of Girl Scout cookies takes a girl one step further in her quest for independence and personal growth. International travel opens many doors for girls, broadening their view of the world. Girls also learn the Five Key Skills by participating in the Cookie Entrepreneurial Program:  goal settingdecision  makingmoney managementpeople skills and business ethics


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