Here are some Colorful Dash gifs!

WOW! Some 4,000 people attended Colorful Dash & Cookie Kickoff!

We are working hard on getting all of the pictures edited and downloaded. Colorful Dash & Cookie Kickoff 2015 pictures will be posted by close of business this coming Tuesday on flickr! In the meantime, here are some colorful gifs to entertain you. If you want to see the full size gif, just click on it.

Colorful Dash Rock Wall



Colorful Dash Finish Line







Colorful Dash Field Of Colors


Colorful Dash HOORAY!


One thought on “Here are some Colorful Dash gifs!

  1. We had a GREAT time at the Color Dash and Cookie Rally! My girls were a bit too tired to really enjoy the Cookie Rally portion of the event and my Cadettes really let me know, while my Brownies, Juniors, and Daisies just drooped a bit. They all perked up at the color throw and found the energy to dance there and in the bubbles at the finish line. I can’t believe you managed all that with only 300+ volunteers. You did a WONDERFUL job! THANKS from Troop 415!


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