Move over shortbread, there’s a new gluten-free cookie in town!



Oh yes, we know very well that some of you are still mourning the loss of last year’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie, however don’t count your losses just yet.

RIP Chocolate Chip Shortbread
so sad!
Why, Shortbread, why?!

This year our Council is receiving fresh-baked shipments of Trios! Certified gluten-free, every morsel of this cookie nestles real chocolate chips in a creamy peanut butter and whole grain oat hug.

It’s important to remember that, just as last year, the gluten-free rules apply. Trios are a pilot program and supply will be limited. We are extremely excited to participate in this test program! However, when the cookies are sold out – they are sold out for good. 

Make sure you stock up with a local Girl Scout or troop early into the sale (cookies go on sale January 25, 2015) before you miss out!

Welcome to the family, Trios!
Gluten-free party!



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