National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is February 27 – March 1

Listen up Girl Scout Cookie Fans, for we bring thee joyous news.

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend (NGSCW) will take place February 27–March 1 this year. What is this NGSCW, you ask?

Why, it’s only the national holiday for Girl Scout Cookies!

All across the country Girl Scouts will sell cookies at booths, door to door, and through Digital Cookie, the first national digital platform that enables our girls to sell cookies through their own personalized cookie websites or mobile cookie app.

The 2015 Cookie Weekend will mark the 98th year of Girl Scouts selling cookies and learning the basic business and life skills they need to be leaders in business and sales, manage their personal and family finances, and gain self-sufficiency and confidence handling money.

But do I have to wait until the end of February to buy Girl Scout Cookies? you may ask. Nope!

Girl Scout Cookies hit the streets of Riverside and San Bernardino, California on January 25, 2015 (FYI that’s a full week before Super Bowl Sunday, plenty of time to get cookies for the partaaayyy) so celebrate, oh cookie lover, for the Cookie Time is nigh.



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