Girls Scouts Rock! 5,000 lbs collected at last night’s food drive

When the community comes together, beautiful things happen!

We are so excited to report that 5,000 lbs of food was collected in only three hours during last night’s Girl Scouts vs Boy Scouts Food Drive.

Thank you to all the Girl Scout Families who collected food — 4,301 lbs of it — and brought it to last nights drive. That’s right, of the 5,000 lbs of food 4,301 lbs was donated by Girl Scout families and friends! Woo-hoo!

Fun was had by all as we danced the night away with Thunder from the Storm and music compliments of the Boy Scouts of Tahquitz District.

Many families in the Inland Valley will have a brighter (and fuller) Thanksgiving because of your generous spirit. Well done!


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