Night at the mansion is delightfully deadly!

photo 3
Look who was watching over us!

Fiendish fare was served alongside heaping spoonfuls of intrigue and clues at GSSGC’s first-ever Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser last night! Oh, and for dessert? What else but a dish served cold.

Guests first mingled (a refreshing cocktail in hand, of course, served up by our very own Executive VP Elizabeth Locke-Thomas)  throughout the historic halls of the Burrage Mansion late Friday evening. Enthused would-be detectives rubbed shoulders with such Girl Scout supporters as Hardy Brown, GSSGC’s own board member and Board of Education Trustee and Executive Director for the Black Voice Foundation, and  GSSGC Board Chair Debbie Gradias before settling into their seats under a glass-tiled veranda.

It was an evening where anything could happen.

photo 4
GSSGC Board Chair Debbie Gradias discusses clues with a certain famous detective.

Shortly after, the Irish-born medium Madame Morganza stepped into the crowd, alerting guests to the spiritual “vibrations” in the air. Her rival, the Amazing Armando “Psychic To The Stars,” also appeared among the diners.

Guests pondered: would the Amazing Armando and Madame Morganza be able to bring back the spirit of Lady Moriarty’s late husband? Was his death an accident, or could it have been…murder? 

Mystery and intrigue shorty followed.

Guests noted suspicious behavior on clue cards while nibbling on steaming mouthfuls of cheese and onion pie, roasted red potatoes and warm buttered cabbage.

Highlight the following paragraph for some rather revealing spoilers. 

In a startling twist of events, the Amazing Armando revealed himself to be  the not-so-dead husband of Lady Moriarty! Let’s just say, several characters made grave mistakes to the delight of the crowd (their spirits lifted at each surprising twist and turn), although there were several dead giveaways. A certain famous detective came to the spiritual aid of our guests.  As for what became of Lady Moriarty, the Amazing Armando and Madame Morganza (and we mustn’t forget Mary, the harmless guitar player)? It was, sadly, a tragic affair for all. 

Séance anyone? Guests made collect calls to the afterlife with the guidance of Madame Morganza.

GSSGC Board Member     Cynthia Paulo solved the mystery!  “We just put our brains together and solved it,” said Cynthia, noting that it was a combined effort. (She had a little help from her husband.) 

Claire Jefferson-Glipa, Girl Scout mom and volunteer, was herself hot on the trail.

The Girl Scouts of                   San Gorgonio Council would like to thank all who attended the    Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser. With your help, we were able to raise $1,200 for  girl programming in a single night!



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