National Convention Starts Now, Here’s What Attendees Can Expect

National convention kicked-off to an exciting start last night, but what exactly can Girl Scout Delegates from around the country expect to learn this year and how will this affect the rest of us?

Activities began this morning  with the World Foundation for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Breakfast for Friends event. It was, “an opportunity for all who are interested in learning about the World Foundation, the Friends of the World Foundation, and their global emphases to learn about the exciting—and important—work this vibrant group does in raising funds and awareness in support of global Girl Scouting, our four World Centers, and WAGGGS USA. This is the one official gathering at the 2014 convention where everyone can come together to promote the World Foundation.”

Many demonstrations are going to be hosted over the next three days; demonstrations like the Digital Cookie Demos will give visitors a chance to be a part of how the Girl Scout Cookie Program is expanding by giving girls the opportunity to build and lead their own Digital Cookie platform.

Girl Scout University is also hosting many workshops for parents, volunteers and staff member. One such workshop, Cultivating a Growth Mindset, teaches the audience how to develop a positive mindset in girls and in themselves; how to avoid fostering a “fixed mindset” that can hamper girl development; and practice using concrete exercises that help girls (and adults) understand the difference between the two.

Most importantly the thousands of Troop Leaders, Girl Scouts and  1,250 official delegates representing every Girl Scout Council in America will vote together on our Girl Scouting program’s foundational aspects at a series of National Council Sessions, the first of which occurred just this morning.

This could be a historic convention year. As Will Doig from the Daily Beast asks, “Should Girl Scouts go back to basics?” many attendees will be debating this heated issue. “At their convention, Girls Scouts USA is facing a split between traditional and modern—should its young members be campfire-building, or debating female body image?” wrote Mr. Doig.

What are your views? Is Girl Scouts a time-honored tradition or a cutting-edge organization leading girls into the future? Can it be both?

If you would like to view the full Girl Scout National Convention schedule just follow this link.


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