Girl Scouts helps girls develop work skills


By Anthony Victoria

The Girls Scouts of America implemented a new program that will assist young girls in receiving workforce and leadership skills which will help them throughout their educational and employment endeavors.

Knea Hawley, director of fund development and alumnae engagement for the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council, gave a presentation informing members of the Colton Chamber of Commerce’s about their collaboration with the Colton Joint Unified School District and Bank of America during the chamber’s monthly workshop on Tuesday September 16.

According to Jeff Hayes’, “Pay Equity and Discrimination; Gender Wage Gap” report released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research last year, women, on average, earn less than men in virtually every single occupation. Additionally, the gender wage gap is not projected to close until the year 2058, meaning that most of the women working today will not see equal pay during their working lives.

The organization believes that they can close the gender wage gap sooner than 2058 if they partner with local businesses to address accessibility issues.

Read the full article on Inland Empire Community News



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