A Cookie Dad shout out!


Why Volunteer?

By Kimberly Drewry, via our “Submit Your Story ” form

When Troop 341 came to life it was because of my daughter. I became the Leader of the troop so that my daughter could experience new things and meet new friends. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my husband Darin Drewry would enjoy it as much as I do.

Darin plays an important role in our weekly meetings and is our official “Cookie Dad.” Each week he sets up for our meetings and makes sure everyone has a chair, the carpet is down for the girls and that water is cold and ready to drink. On outings Darin helps girls carry their belongings when they legs are tired, helps at every cookie booth by taking orders from the girls of what cookies they need to restock their table.

Darin gets excited when an outing is scheduled or if the girls are coming over to learn something new. Troop 341 would not know what to do without him.

Mr. Darin Rocks.


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