Be a Girl Scout dad? Yep, Girl Scouts isn’t just for moms!

i cant wait

Mike Gabba
Mr. Gaba with his two daughters, both Girl Scouts.

By Mike Gaba

Girl Scouts? Sounds ok, if that‘s what “you” want to do. How do “you” sign her up? That was how my adventure started with Girl Scouts. Didn’t think it really had much to do with dads. Thought I might just have the house to myself for a couple hours a week. That thought didn’t last long and was even further from the truth when I had two daughters in Girl Scouts.

I can’t say enough about what the Girl Scout program has done for my girls, from the early days as a Daisy, to having one daughter bridge to an adult Girl Scout this year. My girls started with simple activities like safety, reading, nutrition and how they can help in their community. I will always be grateful for those early years in Girl Scouts. My girls have used what they were taught back then and continue to use those early lessons while learning more as older scouts. I would have never thought to teach my girls things like networking, business management, or how to be a mentor to younger girls. The Girl Scout program sees this need and many others.

Thinking back again to that first year when I thought it was just a mother daughter program, I’m glad I was wrong. My family has spent much more time together as a family because of Girl Scouts. It might be camping, hiking, or service projects like a food drive or doing flag retirements. Working with the community by delivering meals on the holidays or just picking up trash. Special events like parades, movie premiers, and the never ending programs that the Girl Scouts offer for families to participate in. Every one of these events my girls have done, have brought the family together.

With all these opportunities, I have so many fun memories with my girls. Not to mention the hours at cookie booths that were some of the funniest, that wouldn’t be there if not for Girl Scouts. As a dad of two Girl Scouts, I couldn’t be happier with how they live their lives and continue to live by the Girl Scout Law. My daughters will forever benefit for being a part of the Girl Scout program.



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