Join us August 16th for the GSSGC 2014 Leadership Conference! How will you make a difference?


Our Leadership Conference is scheduled for August 16, 2014. The event is from 9:00am – 3:00pm at the Ruth Lewis Community Center (attached to Reid Park) in Riverside. Our keynote speaker is Daniela Bumann.

Daniela BumannDaniela Bumann, Swiss native, is a life enthusiast and the founder of Vibrant Living International Training & Seminars. Through her personal journey and experience with an array of clients from organizations, individuals, groups or couples, she was inspired to develop the Vibrant Living Training Program & Integrative Work-Life Balance Model ™. Daniela received her degree  from the Guggenbuehl Institute in Basel, Switzerland. As a Business, Life and Vibrant Living Master Success Coach she has guided people for nearly 20 years to find true confidence and self realization, as well as to empower personal and professional excellence and well-being. Daniela is a Certified Seminar Leader, International Speaker, Author, DISC Communications Trainer and Facilitator, and was recently seen on Showtime TV, showcasing the Vibrant Living process.

She’ll be presenting the following during her keynote: “Tools & Assertiveness to spark your life for ‘good!'” 

The good is in quotation marks because of a double meaning: good as in permanent and good as in for the betterment of your life. Daniela will be giving you the tools to address the recent increase in bullying incidents amongst our girls, leaders and even between parents and leaders. Daniela’s philosophy is, “the more centered and confident you are in yourself, the more assertive you can be to stress your value and stand up appropriately to bullying.”


Two Workshops: “Communicate to Motivate” and “Creating the Spark”

publicity patchDr. Marie Louise Bosin, MA, LMFT has worked for 23 years as a California State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She works with individuals, families, couples, children, adolescents and groups. Marie Louise is passionate about helping people find happiness and will be hosting a workshop at the conference.

She’ll be presenting “Communicate to Motivate”, an upbeat workshop to gain proven easy-to-use tools and techniques on how to communicate effectively. Methods to support yourself both personally and professionally. Learn how to: produce clarity and focus through effective goal setting, remove negative forms of expression, and replace them with positive alternatives. Achieve self-talk that’s self-empowering. Eliminate miscommunication. Create positive impression in yourself and in others. Changing communication, changes thinking which changes behavior, and therefore changes the positive results that you can produce, now!

Roxie Findsen, formerly employed by the Children & Family Services of San Bernardino County working with foster children, will be presenting the second workshop. Roxie volunteers with the California Coalition for Youth and is currently pursuing her Masters in Education and Single Subject Teaching Credential.

She’ll be presenting “Creating the Spark” Asking the questions: Have you lost your spark for work and life? Do you feel tired and drained every morning when you wake up? Do you wish you still had the energy and passion for work and life that you used to have? Secrets to creating passion and energy for every part of your life. Learn how to create the spark for yourself. Leave this seminar knowing how to be your own “fire starter.”

We’ll be serving lunch from Extreme Pita in Riverside and are able to accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free dietary needs. The afternoon sessions will be for Regional/City/Service Area team trainings and include Registrar/Training, Recruitment/Mentor, Service Area Manager training.



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