YOUR COUNCIL: Get to know Mary Moore and Cindy Chapman!

cindy photoCindy Chapman – Director of  Volunteer Services

Congratulations to Cindy Chapman for being appointed Director of Volunteer Services! 

Cindy will focus on adult volunteer training, leadership support and girl development through initiatives like the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.  Jacqueline Breseño and Tricia Costelow will continue reporting to Cindy.

Before joining our council staff in 2012, Cindy was a GSSGC volunteer for 22 years, most of that time as a Master Trainer.  She “trains the trainer” and is skilled in just about every adult and Girl Scout subject:  core leadership classes like Basic Leadership Training, bonus classes, first aid, CPR, babysitting, water safety, wilderness first aid and dozens of others.  Having been a Girl Scout herself, Cindy started a troop for her Daisy daughter in 1992 and continues to lead Troop 593, based in Redlands, with 26 Cadettes and Ambassadors. 

As she describes her volunteer experience:   “I started volunteering for my daughter, fell in love with Girl Scouts, and realized that I was devoting untold hundreds of hours for myself.”  In her years as a leader, Cindy has helped over 50 girls achieve the Silver Award and 12 reach for the Gold.  Her oldest Girl Scout, now 31 years old, is a neurosurgeon in New York.  Cindy has two children, four grandkids, and a husband of 31 years.  She loves to read and discover new places, and is grateful to Girl Scouts for the opportunities it has given her to travel. 

As most of you know, Cindy is an expert cook and is the founder of the Southern California Chapter of the Dutch Oven Society!

Cindy is a storehouse of knowledge and experience. She enjoys brainstorming sessions for the development of ideas in making the Girl Scout experience more rewarding for both our girls and volunteers. 

maryMary Moore – Director of Program

We are pleased to announce that Mary Moore has been named Director of Program.

Under Mary’s leadership, this critical component to the delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience will be revitalized and expanded in scope.

Trained as a nurse, Mary managed the professional staff of a busy medical office.  While training and supporting the medical professionals during the day, she drove an ambulance and worked as an EMT at night—delivering three babies during that time.  With a young girl in kindergarten, Mary attended a Girl Scout Roundup in Sun City with the intention of enrolling her daughter in Girl Scouts.  At the roundup she was told there was a three-year waiting list for a troop.  In typical Mary style, she trained as a leader, started a troop for her daughter and promptly took all 65 girls from the waiting list as well.  In so doing, Mary formed our first Super Troop!  While serving as the volunteer Service Area Manager for Canyon Stars, Mary was hired by CEO Dawn Kasnick as a paid employee.  In the ensuing 14 years Mary has worked in every department and area of the council except Finance.

Mary’s goal is to design and implement program that the girls really want—program that is in such great demand that girls will form waiting lists to participate.  Mary and E have already begun to implement a strategy for program delivery. 

The call has gone out for volunteers – like you – to apply to join a Program Task Force, patterned after the Product Sales task forces that have been so effective for our cookie sales.  The task force will provide structured educational programming in all regions, by creating and implementing program, with guidance and support from Mary.  The task force will draw from the volunteer ranks, the GSSGC Alumnae Association, and anyone else committed to Girl Scouts and the GSLE.  

Mary has been asked to tackle an ambitious endeavor, whose success is critical to the future of our girls.  She brings vast experience, a deep understanding of Girl Scouts and the impact of the Movement on both the girls and their leaders, and the dedication and temperament to deliver program effectively. 


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