What do action figures for girls look like? Just about the coolest new toy you’ll find!


Moms Dawn and Julie.

New York City moms Dawn Nadeau and Julie Kerwin teamed up to offer girls – and boys – a play figure that looks like a woman but is not an object. And last month these moms started their own action figure company on Kickstarter to make this dream a reality. They raised the necessary amount to begin production on these non-traditional toys for a November/December 2014 debut. 

Rather than follow the traditional superhero mythos inception, such as being bitten by a radioactive spider or an alien from another planet, the IAmElemental universe offers the idea that a girl herself is the superhero – and she has all the superpowers she will ever need already inside of her. Their kickstarter video explains the concept in detail:

40ab137c0d92770c4156d5da626ee553_largeOf course, one of the coolest parts of this initial start-up series is that they are referred to as “The 7 Elements of Courage.” Sounds like this toy was designed especially for Girl Scouts! The elemental parts of Courage are: Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence and Fear. You can pre-order them now for the holidays at the IAmElemental retail shop.

At the moment, it appears the action figures can only be purchased as a complete set at $65.00 or special collector’s edition set at $75.00. Definitely not cheap. These are both Kickstarter prices to ‘kickstart’ the project off the ground. However, we noted that since this is for pre-order, the products will ship in late November 2014 for pre-holiday delivery and, “Cards will not be charged until products ship.”  That gives us some time to save up and purchase these incredible new action figures for girls! Or, you can always wait until they become available for single figure purchase.

What do you think about these new action figures? Which is your favorite? Do they create positive role models for girls or are they simply a new marketing ploy? Share your opinions with us!

One thought on “What do action figures for girls look like? Just about the coolest new toy you’ll find!

  1. I think the idea of the figures is great, but will they becom available for the general public? Making them a set and so expensive doesn’t allow it to reach such a wide audience. If you want to teach all young girls something, then you need to allow all girls to have access to it. At this rate only rich kids and action-figure “nerds” will be the only ones able to get them.


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