Troop 1752 work on their Bronze Award at the Calimesa Community Garden!

Troop 1752 working on their Bronze Award!

The Calimesa Community Garden is still thriving five years after its inception! Vegetables, herbs, flowers and just about anything else members are inclined to put their green thumbs on can be found on this one acre of various sized plots. 

10258007_10203795579350606_2773961003175304541_oThe garden was registered as a nonprofit organization within its first year. One plot was even donated to local Girl Scout troop.

Cynthia Peterson, a GSSGC Troop Leader, shared pictures of Troop 1752 completing their Bronze Award.

Cynthia said,  “They created a place in the Calimesa Community Garden for gardeners to drop off their excess fruit and vegetables to be taken to Food Banks. Then, they painted numbers on 68 rocks and placed them as markers on all of the garden plots. They also made a scarecrow today for their plot. We were there for 5 hours today!”


An annual spring fundraiser helps defray costs of water, compost, equipment and maintenance for the garden as a whole.

Thank you for sharing your story Troop 1752!


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